Chuck the Barbarian

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    Thanks to Oliver Bizer for his work in recreating a facet of the hobby that has gone moribund over the years: vignettes.

    These were very popular among figure painters being a 2D representation of historical scenes, figures and the like.

    When I saw his post, I emailed and asked if he could paste my likeness into his creations, which he graciously did.

    Have good laugh; my wife sure did. There are a couple of others I will build, too.

    Ollie provides a nicely designed base for his vignettes, but I was so impressed that I turned a special one out of wood. The name plate is temporary until I can get one made in brass.

    You can see in the second photo that this is flat representation that I have supported with some colored balsa wood.

    Thanks Ollie!

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    That's capital, and I love it! Let's see some more!
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    [​IMG] MOHAHAHAHAHAHA, i also want see more [​IMG]

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    very good

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