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  1. It took me about 40 hrs to complete. The handholds took the longest. Once I commited myself to cutting them out with the mounting posts I couldn't turn back. It was very difficult to get them to stick. I had to use superglue and a steady hand.

    Thanks for the praise. It keeps me going.
  2. gpw

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    Yes, that´s really fantastic. I finished my hubble build few weeks ago - the result is nothing in comparison to yours.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

  3. Mechanic

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    Incredibly nice job, it really helps to motivate me to start building all the wonderful satellite models Ton has done. Just as soon as I finish. . .wall1
  4. Hey people! I just got invited to post my model on the official Hubble Website. They want a picture of me with it. I have to get someone who can take a picture for me.

    I never did find out how this site decides the pic of the week. Anyone know? Well anyway I felt honored they want it so I will accomodate them.
  5. Mechanic

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    well deserved :thumb:

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