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  1. I finally decided to break into my Redriver stock and build the Hubble as she was meant to be built. In chrome. While this paper is challenging, the results are phenominal. Here are some pics to show my progress so far. I have the PV panels completed and I did them in glossy photo paper with a coat of clear so they look like the real thing. No pic yet of those. I hope to have it finished soon but those freaking handrails are taking forever. Ton designed them as a simple strip of yellow but I went the extra mile and cut them out with the supporting stands. I think that looks much better.

    So I am open to your observations, critiques etc.

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  2. gpw

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    Wow, that looks really spectacular. Great build.
    Thank you for sharing the photos.


  3. edi

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    fantastic, no words

  4. paulhbell

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    And another WOW

    Amazing, how did you keep it clean.

  5. It wasn't easy. After printing I immediately sprayed it with a coat of clear acrylic. This makes is possible to clean off any glue spots and believe me there were plenty. Then after I got it near finished, I sprayed another coat to stiffen the handrails and meld them into the model. I still have a few more details to add and then mount the PV panels. On the panels I did not use ?Ton's framework. Rather I used it as a pattern to follow with paper rolled into round pipes like the real thing. I painted them silver and here they are

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  6. gene1772

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    I just finished my version of the Hubble and even though I am pretty happy with the results now I have to think about doing it again in chrome. Great Job!!!
  7. Regie

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    I just had to pick my jaw up off the table! That's one amazing build!
  8. jaeike

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    Outstanding! Was that laser printed, or inkjet?

    SEBRET Member

    purely amazing.
    just wow.
  10. underwoodl06

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    WOW....I REALLY NEED TO START ON THIS ONE!!!! how did you take the color out of the original print out so it would only have the surface of the chrome paper? There is supposed to be a default gray color that would normally be the color but obviously you got a black and white version of the model..or what..? Help us out here please..Where did you get the paper? Now all you need to complete a great display is Space Shuttle Columbia and you can have the last servicing mission. That would be great. Get more pictures please and Great Job!!!
  11. Actually you don't have to remove the original color at all. Since it is light gray it barely shows and the silver just overpowers it. The paper is Redriver Paper #1300 Metalic Silver. It prints very nicely with dye based printers but not with Pigment ink so check your printer first. Cannon uses Dye base I don't know about the others. The paper is actually shiny aluminum laminate with an inkjet coating. The coating is very delicate and is easily removed if it gets wet in any way . Make sure your hands are dry and don't get glue on it. I spray a clear coat on it after printing. This solves that problem but then you have to use super glue to assemble it. I use Locktite as it works for both paper and other surfaces. It will outgass a whitish film on the model which can be removed with a little buffing using a que tip with alcohol on it. Any remaining outgas will disapear when clearcoated again. After all that this is what you get.

    As far as the Space Shuttle, I wouldn't have room for one that big. But you are right it would be pretty cool.

    I am shooting for picture of the week with this one. What do you think? I have only a few more pieces and I will post the final product.
  12. underwoodl06

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    I think you should go for it. This one definitely deserves a week of show. I hope to get my model of the ISS up to date here in a month or so. Alfonso's models are really helping me achieve that goal. I hope to make it as a POTW once I get it updated.

    I think at some point I will get this Hubble model printed and work on it. And then after I will do Ton's Voyager satellite. I definitely know that I will have my hands full this year. I need to make a stack for my model of Challenger and hopfully can get a Marscenter model of Columbia, Atlantis and Endeavour before the end of the STS program. I could resize Ton's HST to go along with Atlantis and put the other shuttles into some small scene to show their last great feat.

    Hope to see some great Pictures of your model and Good luck for POTW!!
  13. N Gauger

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    That looks So Cool!!! Great Work!!!
  14. This has been a challenging model. I am a fan of Ton's work but I have to admit, he does tend to overdesign. Some of the tedius parts could be combined into one single part. I think the OTA bays are an example. I was rather disappointed after all that work to find that there was no advantage to building each one separately because they are ultimately covered up for the most part. If I build another I think I will re-design that section to simplify it. I would communicate with him myself but he stays well in the background. Anybody out there kinow how to contact him?
  15. dhanners

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    I've contacted Ton before -- I think I got hold of him through Jon Leslie -- and he always seemed helpful and gracious.

    That aside, that's a wonderful job on the Hubble. Very inspiring!
  16. CardStalker

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    When I contacted Ton this was his responce to my questions:

    adding your instructions to the model is a very good idea , the only problem is that the edditing of the model and the instructions are out of my hands and totally done by the space telescope institute's own people.
    I gave them the exclusive rights to publish , however I retain the copy rights.
    Maybe it's an idea to publish you instruction set on Jonathan's site.

    You may publish the missing parts to the world.

    So any mod's I think are out of the question at this point. I will be posting the Mounting Brackets for the interior to the parts bin at some point soon. Nice job on the build Tim. My best to you.
  17. Finished finally

    Well here it is finally, with all the hand holds etc etc etc.

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  18. Here are the final two

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  19. underwoodl06

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    FANTASTIC!!!! I really want to build this one now. You really out did yourself and you must've been really patient. How long did it take you to complete this model? It looks incredible to say the least. Awesome.

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