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    NULLMOON Member

    just an experiment so far seems to work a bit more care should give a good finish and perhaps a slow drying glue which would alow the wrinkles to be buffed out with a stiff paintbrush
  2. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    What did you use?

    ummmmmmm WOW!......... I forgot to put that first:oops:

    NULLMOON Member

    cooking foil its just the glue i need to work out it dries too fast=wrinkles
  4. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    try spray glue

    that should work
  5. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    what glue did you use for that sir? :-D
  6. jaeike

    jaeike Member

    Looks great!

    Bare-Metal foil from a hobby shop might be a better option. It's thinner so it's easier to form to contours and it already has the adhesive applied.
  7. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    used to do that to plastic models. Spray glue brushed lighlty with acetone to thin it worked for plastic.
  8. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Apollo Command Module 1:32 Scale

    Hi Nullmoon,

    That looks really good! I especially like the raised contour parts you have made in the lower section.
    I am about to try soon with duct tape (in 2" strips) - we´ll see how that works out . . .

    Keep up the good work,
    Bengt :D
  9. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    They also make a guilding foil that you can get at Hobby/Carft stores.

    This is very thin and might be easier to cover you capsule with.

  10. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    I was thinking the same about guilding foil, but also consider tile stickers from DIY store's. They come in different sizes and also different colours, silver included. And they also have the glue (hence sticky part) applied. I have tried these on platic models and they work ok.
  11. C Babbage

    C Babbage New Member

    I think for the type of polished metal finish you want, adhesive backed vinyl from a sign shop would work best. It's amazingly thin, flexible, and comes in brushed metal in addition to the polished metal finishes. Most "chrome" vinyl is around 6 or 7 dollars a yard (24" wide).

    The benefits of the vinyl are flexibility (don't need to worry about foil tearing) and no wrinkles. If you do it right, you can form it over compound curves with out any seams.

    I use the vinyl for all kinds of projects that have nothing to do with signs, and it looks great. I do make signs as well.

    NULLMOON Member

    ill see what my nearest hobby craft has foils always worked fine on smaller areas this is just a bit bigger im also trying chrome paint on photopaper
  13. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Looks Good to Me!

    A brunisher Tip, from a blueprint supply store, will take care of the wrinkles, (But looks good as is in the picture).

  14. paul a

    paul a Member

    the arts and crafts stores have chrome poster board and card stock.just a sugestion.

    NULLMOON Member

    :yep: ive found some real nice chrome card it not printable so i may try using the printed apollo skin as a template i still havent built in inside yet im trying to build the post fight version first as its the easist and doesent reqire any special matirials
  16. paul a

    paul a Member

    you can alway ink in details like i do.

    NULLMOON Member

    Metallic Card

    the paper on the left is "paperstate,mirror and magic card" it unprintable but what ive done is two print the apollo on the back in reverse the left card is "canfords frosted silver" which is thinner than the mirror card and is printable the frosted silver might make a good sm body

    NULLMOON Member

    completed chrome apollo skin:grin:what does everyone think? ive just gotta print another skin on thin paper and add the little yellow and black thruster details

    NULLMOON Member

    could one of the moderaters change the title of this thread to "metalic card stock":oops:
  20. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Chrome Apollo CM

    Absolutely fabulous, NULLMOON,

    It looks just like the real thing! Simply amazing! :-o
    Is it slightly copper-coloured?

    Bengt :D

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