Christmas is coming!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Aug 2, 2001.

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    It's hard to believe but Christmas is coming! Does any one around here put a train up under the tree? This year I am doing something different. I bought a K-Line trainset in O. The last 2 years I use HO but that looks to small. Any ideas on how to set it up? The local craft stores are already getting out their Christmas villages and stuff like that. I would like to know what other people do for the Holidays. I want to work on it in the next few weeks to get the bugs worked out. And budget my money to buy the goodies!

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    Xmas !

    Andy, I am going to introduce my Grandkids to trains by putting "Thomas the tank" in 0 gauge around the tree in a simple oval with presents inside, that will make um think. I shall have a BIG sign by the side of the track, "Look what Santa brought."


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  3. kf4jqd

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    Christmas continued......


    Sounds like a good idea! Do you also use the Christmas's village sets that are out there? There are some very good stuff you can get.

    I put up my tree on Thanksgiving and take it down the weekend after New Years. I spend alot of time and money putting it together. Plus, I am in Tennessee visiting my family for Christmas. So, I am not home. I still enjoy putting it up. Now I need to go the the local Hallmark store and get the Lionel Christmas Orniments. I have all of them in the series so far. This year they have the CHessie 4-8-8-4 and sperate tender.

    Oh I forot to mention. The K-LIne is Rock Island (OF COURSE:rolleyes: ) With Holiday Box cars. I will have them post when the Holidays arrive.

  4. N Gauger

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    X-mas is coming

    The only addition I'm doing for X-mas is, I'll put the 10E standard gauge engine around the tree. The other 5 trains stay up all year!! :)
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    I ended up with a couple trains that are e guage. They are marked that anyway. One is a Faller and the other is Walthers. I think they are the same as O gage only 2 rail. THey look European in style, a switcher and a steamer. Real high quality, but toy-like rather than prototypical. I found one in a Walthers book for about $160, but that was about 6-7 years ago. I used them around the tree for a year or two but these bones don't bend like they used to. The only thing winding around the tree now is tinsel, and that is because I can stand up. I put up a 4-4-0 around a tree for an elderly couple 8-10 years ago and it looked beautiful. They wanted it mainly for themselves, no family, so HO worked good for them.
    I would still like to see a train around the tree, but kids are grown, grandkids are grown, but I'm still a kid at heart

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    Xmas coming!!!! nows the time to let the family know what Santa could bring you. Dropping hints helps, also leaving railway Mags lying around with the Adds clearly marked.
    My family tells me I am the oldest Teenager in South Africa

    Jimmy B

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