Christmas, Ice, RC and falling in!

Discussion in 'VIDEOS' started by adventure girl, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. adventure girl

    adventure girl New Member

    Hey all, it is always fun to get out there and tear up the snow. Watch out for thin ice!

    Enjoy the video!

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  2. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    You guys gotta download some cardboard buiildings and the like, I can give you the links, scale them to the size you want, get a couple of $100 dollar R/C copters, and make a movie!! These are interesting, and I really think you could make some fun stuff to watch (not that this isn't).

    Also, I would really like if you could do a breakdown of one your vehicles, let us peak inside, explain some of this stuff, I fly R/C copters 4 and 5 axis, but I know many here do not understand R/C that well. We have many models, that would compliment you trails, like old shacks along the wau, water towers, and making this stuff out of paper that's already printed is far cheaper and looks incredibly real. A couple of layers of clear coat to protect from water, and you're all set! :)
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  3. adventure girl

    adventure girl New Member

    Hi there!

    We really like your idea of the movie!! Its funny you mention this because its something we are talking about actually :) we plan on using many types of RC to illustrate a plot (car chase) or something. But we really like the idea of building these scale building out of card board, this would certainty ease the production level based upon the ease of card board. I would really appreciate that link that you mentioned please and thanks:) Great idea about the clear coat to protect against water.

    We just baught a quad copter to find different camera angles in the shots, lol still learning to fly but we made a short video intro with it in this video here.

    As for this rig i just wrote a parts break down for a blog but it has not been accepted and posted just yet. Maybe I can post it up before the sponsors do :p

    Thank you so much for this great comment and interest in our channel, have a great week!

  4. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Try the following sites, they are friends of this site, extremely kind people. Some of the buildings have a cartoonish look, some don't. Some (all) can be enhanced y what we call "greebling", that is, if you see a beam painted on the structure, print that part out, or take some wood, and make a real beam and make the model "POP!". These textures add much realism. You can scale, but with these kind of R/C vehicles, I think bigger is better. The following two sitess should cover all your needs. You will also find paper models of vehicles that make great filler material.

    Links= This site is huge, plan to spend some time. There are enough buildings, gas stations, to build a city. I think he has a city!!

    Link = Same thing, huge site, incredibly beautiful houses, barns, etc. You will spend much time at both of these two sites. I think these two sites could cover everything you do, the best part, EVERYTHING, at both sites, as FREE!! :)
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  5. adventure girl

    adventure girl New Member

    Oh wow thank you for taking the time to send this!! It's a big help and we will go check it out for sure. We are actually building a scale garage right now that will join our scale boat house and dock, fully scale built. But it's taken us a year to make for the videos, still not done yet but there are pictures on our Instagram if you would like to see. ( RC_Trailblazr )

    Planning this will take some time, I think we will focus on mid summer to produce it, but thanks to your help we are one big step closer to pulling off that video!! Thanks again for your added support as well thank you for letting us post our videos here.


    Adventure girl
    RC Trailblazr
  6. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Your videos are fun to watch. I was amazed how much snow those trucks could push, and how deep they could go into the snow!! I'd love to see one of you guys post a build thread. Build threads are the heart of this forum, and we host the photos, you don't need a hosting service. ;)
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