Choosing And Naming Industries.(Advanced)

Discussion in 'Trackside Photos & Details' started by brakie, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Check the old mastters for inspiration. "Frank Ellison on Model Railroads", published by Fawcett shows the creativity of the older generation. And, of course, John Allen. Several industries on my railroad pay homage to Ellison and Allen with names from their wonderful railroads.
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    Vandalay Industries

    Manufacturer of latex.

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    Another cool site for ghost signs is this one:

    Along the lines of the sort of names Brakie mentioned, like Great Lakes Steel, North American Knitting, for those modelling transition era or earlier in Canada a very common beginning was Dominion. ie Dominion Elevator, Dominion Wire & Cable, etc. Well-chosen names can really help set the era. And don't forget some of those short forms for given names from the olden days: Chas. for Charles, Thos. for Thomas, Geo. for George, Wm. for William, etc. Now you can put them together, Chas. Irving & Sons, Geo. E. Brown, Wm. Sutter Coy Ltd (Coy is a very old short form for company).

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    What does Vandalay mean? I've seen this "inside joke" on numerous layouts...what's the deal?
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    It's from a Seinfield episode. Funny stuff.
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    Miles -

    It's an old TV show from the days before flat panels, HDTV or even much of the Internet (certainly YouTube) ;) :D

    Gary - Not to make you feel too old, but Seinfeld's original pilot aired the year Miles was born...! hamr

    Wait... now I feel old... :rolleyes:

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    sign1 Come on guys! I wasn't born with a silver mouse in my hand like those crazy young whipper-snappers that were born AFTER 1997! :p I played OUTSIDE, I got together with the neighborhood kids and went on little adventures, I played in the dirt and mud, and didn't get hurt. I think I honestly was the LAST generation to expirence this, without the OPTION to play on the computer. Maybe I'm just an iconclast, playing with non-computer generated toys most of the time...hmm.

    Anyways, I'm more of a Cheers/Fraiser kind of guy! ;)
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    Ahhh, but even we old geezers had the option of playing computer games... Haven't you heard of Pong, Atari, or ColecoVision...?! ;) :D

    Never mind that the average musical greeting card has more computing power than those systems - they were fun! :D That, and the old 8-tracks... :rolleyes:


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