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    Jeff, your reasoning looks sound to me. Any major purchase requires some serious skullwork, and frankly, for most of us, $200-$250 should be considered a major purchase.

    I hope you enjoy the set and it can turn into something you and your son can enjoy together. Some of my best memories of my Dad are playing together with his 1950s-era Lionels in our basement in the mid-1980s.
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    Dave and Jeff:

    And the best part of this decision is there will still be a Pennsy set for Dave to buy! Have a good time playing with "your" new train Jeff. The K-Line equipment should serve you well as a starting point or as part of your family's yearly Christmas traditions. Working with O or S gauge in a "tin plate" environment gives you lots of options for "decorating" your display. The Lemax christmas village stuff at Michaels and Sears, the Chistmas Village stuff at Loews, Department 56, etc, etc,. It's especially economical to buy just before and after Christmas.

    For your first Christmas layout, why don't all of you sit down and make your scenery and decorations. You can all color and cut out houses and trees and snowmen, etc.

    Have a good time and welcome to railroading!


    PS SHay - wasn't us. We're looking at attending a show in Ft. LAuderdale sometime this year to start another division of the ACSG. Maybe see you there?
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    Dave wrote:
    Ted wrote:
    Thanks for sharing the warm memories and great ideas!!

    Best to you both,

    PS: I'll let you know how things go. Wish me luck hiding this thing for 11 months. I just may have to fire it up in the basement after he's gone to sleep to make sure it wasn't "damaged in transit"!:D
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    Howdy all. After getting the K-Line catalog and seeing some close up shots of the Christmas engine--paint job just a bit too cheesy--I went with the Pennsy after all (see below)! It came just a few days ago and I am well pleased. (Of course I set it up once my son went to bed to be sure everything worked!:D )

    The only shock was that the loco is a dark green. It looks black in all the literature and online photos. I've since learned that the PRR used Brunswick Green (roughly 90% black, 10% green) often. I like it, it was just a surprise.

    Cars are fine: die cast wheels, plastic trucks, but pretty good detail for set rolling stock. The SuperSnap track goes together easily and looks good with its black plastic ties and center rail. The 120W Power Chief transformer seems to be a great unit. Clean and simple with whistle, bell, and direction buttons and a set of accessory taps.

    The RailSounds feature is pretty cool too. My favorite bit is the tower chatter when you come to a halt and put the engine in neutral. Good fun!

    I have yet to wire in the uncoupler magnet to test the dumping cars, but I have faith that'll be fine.

    I'll post a question in the O forum about various rolling stock sizes, I want any Christmas additions to look fairly realistic behind this little Pacific. Thanks again for all the guidance!


    PS: In NONE of the literature is it called the Keystone State Express, but that's what's on the box! Go figure!

    PPS: Dave, if you are serious about getting one, email me and I'll give you the particulars of where I found it.

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    Sorry for the double post.

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