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  1. nkp174

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    My dad sent me this today. It is my older brother and me at Bellevue, OH in 1984. The 765 and 611 double headed that day, on their way to an NRHS convention. Now, I'm far more likely to foam from the mouth rather than the eyes when in sight of steam. I was terrified of the low water alarm (whistle) until I was at least 9 years old. I never heard it, but many times recall fretting over it. I'm on the left.

    Anyone else similar pictures?

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  2. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    That's terrific! Wish I had some pics!
  3. steamhead

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    Hmmm....That makes you about the age of my sons....I got some pictures of them perched on a steamer..Gotta look for them, and scan them...
  4. nkp174

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    I'm 25, my brother is 27. In the picture, my brother is 3.5 and I'm 1.5...the same ages as his two children today. We model railroaded together, with a break during jr high, until he lost interest at the start of college (his wife is dismissive of the hobby and he had a huge argument over trackage rights with our mother). Our last railfan trip together was 4.5 years ago when we accompnied our father to Roanoke to perform a headlight swap on the NKP 763, see the 611 for the first time in a decade, find the lost engines of Roanoke, and see the O. Winston Link Museum. The following year my brother, due to his wife, backed out of our trip to the East Broad Top.

    Which locomotive(s) do you have your kids posing with? 765, 759, 611, 844, 4449, etc?
  5. RobertInOntario

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    I definitely went rail-fanning with my Dad as a kid but don't have any pics.

    I do, however, have 2-3 pics of me operating my Dad's layout and at least one showing both of us. I've posted one here, but it's the same pic that I'm using as my avatar.

    This is a pic of me, age 4, in 1964! I still have and occasionally use that CP F7 diesel that's in the pic. I also have at least one other loco and rolling stock from the mid-60s that my young sons and I still run today.

  6. nkp174

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    Cool. Nice see three generations enjoying it!
  7. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks! I think it's neat how these things come full circle. I guess we're both seeing that! Rob
  8. steamhead

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    The pics I have are of an old (of course) Connie of the Mexican National Railways (FF N de M). It's one of the last operational steamers left in Mexico (it was 20+ years ago...). I'll have to dig the pics out of a boxfull of slides and photos.....:confused:
  9. Dan85

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    Nice picture, I have a few at home in the album of my brother and I enjoying the Adirondack Scenic Rail Road waaaaay back in those 90s!

    - Dan

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