Chickenhawk Dropship model

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    the ucm cardmodel format is rreally impressive i believe it has a good chance of changing the standard

    i was very impressed with the power of th program
    i will definately give great consideration to aquiring models in this format
    free and paid for

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    what exactly is UCM? and where to find it?

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    looks cool...but how in the heck do you get it to open?
  6. NOBI

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    wonder which program can make UCM format???...anybody know which program can make UCM format please let's me know...i think this format is very interesting.
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    Hey Guys,

    The Ebbles Miniatures link provided says that this is no longer used, as it has been replaced with PSD (photoshop).

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    sad to hear that useful program will be ignore and no one use it :(
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    ...and Adobe Photoshop costs $649....heavy bummer...
  10. rwguess

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    since this will not be a comercial product any more i wonder if some one like nobi can talk them into releasing it to the public for us modelers to use
    i sure would especially since i dont have 700$ to spend on photoshop

    is any one up tothe challenge of getting them to release it to the general public
    to inspire and further the modeling community?

    who knows something great may come of it!
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    UCM (and UCM2 and UCM3) is a file format that supports layers, just like Photoshop .psd format. You still end up making the layers in another program, which doesn't need to be photoshop.

    What UCM allows is to preset layers with masks, so that the camouflage patterns are multiple layers, and the users can change colors or turn off the camo entirely, allowing the untutored user to do some changes without expensive editing software or danger to the model. It also adds decal images (also on layers) that can be turned on and off.

    What UCM restricts you to is the designer's predesignated layers - you may turn on/off layers and change colors but you can't change from tiger-stripe camo to a big rising sun paintjob unless both were put into the model to start.

    I like the idea, and picked up the viewer(s) from Ebbles site to play with, then got busy on the dissertation and didn't get anything done.
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    Hi all, I'm the creator of the UD12 Chickenhawk model. UCM format works great, it is an inexpensive (free) program wich helps dummy builders to configure colors of the models in many ways. PSD (photoshop) editable models have the drawback that many people doesn't have photoshop or paint shop pro or doesn't have the basic skills to modify the model...
    Now UCM2 is an abandoned program, wich means no support and no future upgrades, but it is still a quite usable program and now there are some freelancers and a lot of users still interested in this format so I'll not be surprised if Ebbles brings UCM to life again. :roll:

    Anyway, you can find some PDF downloads for the papercraft, building instructions and the rest of the UCM files here: (sorry, the page is in spanish)
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