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    Well, I just booked a business trip for next week (August 16th-20th) to Chicago. Ahhh yes the Windy City.

    Just wondering if there's any can't miss train places???? I.e., stores, layouts, viewpoints, et al. Thanks for any info.

    (( I will have a car ))
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    I would recommend going on the south side to Dolton, IL where Dolton tower is. Not the best of photo opportunities but lots of traffic. My dad works their and he sees 50+ trains on his shift. He works days too so i wouldn't be surprised if you stopped by that he'd let you check it out.
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    Blue Island has as many trains as Dalton, is relatively near, and is much better for watching trains as it's more of a funnel. If you want to spend a day railfanning, I'd suggest getting a Chicago area map that shows tracks and check out some places that have a good density. Find somewhere that's safe, and try to find local railfans for advice (any hotspot during the day should have railfans). A good site for hotspots:

    I've been to the MSI a few times before, but not since the new layout. It is definitely my favorite museum; lots of good stuff. I've heard plenty of good things about the layout.
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    There aren't many places in Chicago where you won't see trains, and there are several dozen hobby shops in the Chicagoland area. Not a bad place to be a model railroader...

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