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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by slekjr, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. slekjr

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    In May of 1980 I was on a whirlwind railfan trip of the Chicago area.
    I took a lot of photos that I can not identify the location. I am hoping that posting some of these will bring me some help on putting locations with the photos. If anyone can help I do appreciate it, and for those that can't help, just enjoy the pictures.:mrgreen:
  2. railohio

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    Since it was taken prior to the CSX merger it would be safe to assume this is in one of the L&N yards in Chicago. Because there is no other power present in the photo I'd wager that it's probably the former Monon facility in northwest Indiana. It was called South Hammond and was located at the north end of the Monon's line into the Chicago area. (Directly north of the yard began the mainline of terminal road Chicago & Western Indiana.) An L&N Louisville Division timetable from November 29, 1981 shows no through trains originating or terminating at South Hammond leading me to believe that by then it was only used for locals and engine service. The timetable shows all L&N trains utilizing the former Monon arriving and departing from the nearby Yard Center on the former C&EI mainline.

    Got any more photos?
  3. railohio

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    But now that you post more I see a BRC switcher behind the L&N power set. Hrm.
  4. railohio

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    Seems to be Proviso looking west with the Tri-State Tollway overpass in the distance and the hump on the right.
  5. Kevinkrey

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    Thats a VERY nice photo!
  6. railohio

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    The Metra train in the background should be the key here. Notice that it's running right handed which should rule out a former Northwestern line. Since there's not BN unit powering it we can probably assume it's not that line, either. (That, and there's only two tracks.) For some reason the elevated line reminds me of the IHB. Maybe this is where the IHB crosses one of the Milwaukee commuter lines then?

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