Cheap Glue for Styrene

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Sawdust, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Some modelers know this but some may not. Most solvents for styrene cost about $4. an ounce. Acetone cost about $7. a quart. If you do the math that comes out to about $.22 cents an ounce. Like always use extreme caution when using any solvents & keep away from children. Lets go all you talented modelers, lets post some T&T's for everybody to enjoy. This thread has sit idle too long.
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    Lacquer thinner. It also works well for thinning Floquil, Scalecoat, Dullcote, Testors Model Masters, Pactra, SMP Accupaint, and Humbrol paints, and for thinning contact cement. Obviously also good for cleaning brushes and for removing paint from brass and cast Zamac locomotives.

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    Dissolve a little plastic in your thinner and you have a cheap alternative to the black triangular bottle of Model Masters styrene filling.

    While I find the glue to last long enough for my projects not to need a cheap alternative...I will be using thinner for my large scale projects.
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    I have found some plastic to be "de-plasticized" by mek (lacquer thinner) to the point where it will crumble apart like a Nature Valley Granola Bar. I have not tried nor failed with any modeling -type plastics (I saw this happen at the factory) and I really don't know the type of plastic which is susceptible. Probably not polystyrene. Maybe just test it first!

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