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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Matthyro, Sep 13, 2001.

  1. Matthyro

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    The MAT has been on the go for 4 years now. Originally I used the experience from previous layouts to dvelop the current MAT plan. It has been a lot of fun building and operating this layout but it is really interesting what you learn.
    I never thought I would ever believe this would ever happen but I am thinking of rebuilding the whole layout.
    (1) I found that I do not like a two level layout. The lower level is too low and the upper level is too high for enjoyable operation.
    (2) Under track work is far too awkward and I have spent many frustrating hours crawling on my knees to wire the lower level and head banging and scenery destruction trying to wire the upper level.
    (3) Mobility, this layout as it is today can not be moved. For the next few years, that is OK but at some time we will be moving to a smaller 2 bedroom bungalow. Basement areas are about what we have now so space isn't an issue.
    (4) Long tunnels and helixes don't provide the enjoyment I thought they would. If anything happens such as derailing then it is sure to happen in a long tunnel. This means haveing to get under the layout again to fix problems. I did make sure of smooth track laying in these tunnels so problems aren't caused by the track, rather it is the result of cars being pulled off the 15 inch radius curve. This appears to be a car weight problem and I am dealing with that but don't want cars to be too heavy either.
    So with all that said, I am working on a plan that will have mobility in mind. I want the various sections to be bolted together and will cut the track where necessary so no section will be larger than 4ft. by 7ft. This size is maximum I can bring up the stairs from the basement.
    The layout will be single level and will be about 55inches up from floor level so there will be easy access for below track work.
    Minimum track curves will be 20 inch radius. Trains look much better on this curve .
    There will be a few short tunnels and bridges but mostly the track and therfore trains, will be visible.
    I will be able to use all my structures and trees in the new layout .
    The purpose of the layout will remain the same and will be an end to end layout with futher expansion depending on the space available in whatever new home we move to.
    I will post the proposed layout plan when it has been completed.
    This is a huge step to take so wonder if any of you have come to this point in you model railroad lives.
  2. shamus

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    Hi Robin,
    Looks like you are about to have fun.
    I myself have been in this situation many times over the last 50 years, and have always thought of a take apart railroad. Badger Creek started out as a take apart (Some of it still is) but over a period of time I just added to it. My main logging area is a total of 11' by 4' and no longer a take apart. The back run still is if needed, but the end is attached to the 9' curved trestle which would make taking it apart difficult. (So I'm leaving it alone!!!)

    Look forward to seeing your track plan.
  3. scudrunr

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    Remember, There is no problem with a layout that cant be moved, thats why the make the SAWS-ALL It can make your layout mobile in seconds:)
  4. Woodie

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    New Layout


    I, too, will be building a new layout sometime in the future. For some of the reasons you indicated, however the main one is that I got too greedy. Wanted that extra turnout, which i squeezed in. Inclines that are too steep, for smooth running and realisticness. Curves that are too sharp, again for smooth running and realisticness. I knew, before I started Garahbara, that I would eventually build another. I intended to put at least one of everything on the initial layout (inclines, tunnels, yards, bridges, platforms, roads, level crossings, signals. I have made mistakes that make running awkward. ie the layout will only run smoothly in one direction, and only with particular rollingstock., derailments on turnouts that are at the beginning of inclines etc. (going up the hill will derail sometimes, going down the hill is fine). I have learnt a lot, which was the intention. I have come to the conclusion, that if any stock runs around Garahbara smoothly, then it will run around ANYTHING.
  5. Drew1125

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    One of my wife's favorite questions, when looking at whatever layout I'm working on is -
    "Are you ever going to finish one of these?"
  6. Matthyro

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    Silly me

    It is amazing the errors we can create. I just noticed and corrected the fact that I stated diameter when I meant radius.
    What a difference that could make to a layout EH!

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