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Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by gilpna, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. gilpna

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  2. gilpna

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    i would really like a paper model of this car
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    The new admins would rather that we spent all of our time searching the web for information than building models, so I can't post a link for you. Seach for Daisey Designs on the web. It's the only source of Indy cars that I know of. Nice cars. Some are offered for free.
  4. gilpna

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    yea, i downloaded one of the indy cars but im referring to the "newest" champ car when it existed, and i just cant seem to find it anywhere
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  6. gilpna

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    nice, i have that one downloaded somewhere, but i was looking for that specific model, there doesnt seem to be much interest in those cars and a while back i tried designing one myself but failed when i got to the curved parts
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    There is a champ car, a Taget Chip Ganassi Lola of 2000, but there are no references of download or buy, just a damn picture. Google for 'kami mokei saurus_one saku13' and you'll find it. I mailed the site's creator like three months ago, and he didn't answer. By now I'm thinking in design the model by myself, but I can't get an answer from the few people that have made champ car mods for racing games (like champ car challenge or CART factor) to get a 3d model and use it in Pepakura Desginer. S it seems that I'll have to make it all by myself.
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    What exactly is a champ car?
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    Champ Car was the best open wheel racing series ever! I would love a 1997 Target Ganassi Reynard #12 of Jimmy Vasser, or Greg Moore's #99. In a big scale to, I have the diecast 1/18 but a 1/4 scale would be nice!
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    Thanks for the link.

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