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  1. has any one built the GPM(227 7-2005) release of the british challenger2 battle tank

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Patriot,

    Well I havent built the challenger2, but, if you enjoy tanks and armor, I do have a few links for you, that you may or may not have seen. They are all free downloads. this is the leopard II MBT (man battle tank). Its a 3.5 MB .pdf and looks very nice. This is a 1:25 scale M5 Stuart VI, its really nice looking. There are two models on this site, the Panther tank and the tiger tank, In the right column, scroll down, they are the last two photos/files. The TIGER tank kit is an especially GREAT looking model when finished. Here you will find a nice WWII jeep. This is not quite along the same lines, it is a MAN Tractor and TEL cruise missile launcher that was phased out by the salt II treaties, designed by Ron Caudillo who made it for fiddlers green and has offered it as a free download for the 485th Tactical Missile Wing Alumni Association. It is somewhat similar to the Patriot Missile Battery and I thought since you have the name Patriot Missile, you might find it interesting. Last but not least, here are alot of 1:72 scale model tanks and armor. Not all are available as free downloads but there are some like the Panhard AMD 178 armored car, BA-6 gun truck, M4A3 Sherman, Churchill Mk3, Strv.103B, Hunting Tiger, T-34/76 (M1942), Pz.Kpfw.IV ausf.G , M60A3, MerkavaMk3 , and a few others. However, being 1:72 scale, they are small, and are what is known as "white kits" (no color). You may however be able to enlarge them and color to your liking.

    As I said these are all free downloads and I am assuming the various sites are the copyright holders of these models. But I hope that if you enjoy armor, these will give you something to do once you finish the challenger.

    Have a nice day,

    Greg aka GEEDUBBYA(GW)
  3. NOBI

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    Hi there,

    i just purchase GPM's Chalenger II from Hobbyfactory, kit come with A3 format and difficulty level 3 from 3...very impressive on finish model's picture what show inside booklet. still wait my eye to assemble it but that monster's detail make me scare to assemble :) if you not have any experience on assemble tank not recommened u to assemble that monster :)
  4. Jim Nunn

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    The latest releases from GPM have been very impressive in detail and quality of printing. So I don’t think you can go wrong with the model. I do have some comments about my latest GPM Build the Stug III I have found several incorrect fits but nothing that a typical modeler cannot work around. Some of the parts are printed incorrectly IE a mirror image of what they should be. It also appears that GPM is not test building the released printing of the model otherwise they would fix the errors.

    Jim Nunn
  5. hwashing

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  6. NOBI

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    Hi HwaShing,

    that guy build straight from booklet? (i mean not scan and cut part direct from booklet)

    thank you very much to share those pictures to us

    *** tell u truely, im an armor fan too, first papermodel i design is 7TP single turret but no succesful hehe looking forward to have a big M1A1 Abram or Bradley show in my desk :)
  7. hwashing

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    To NOBI,

    According to the author's words, the model was scanned from booklet and scaled down from 1:25 to 1:38.
    Hope some day we may have armor or tank from THAIPAPERWORK :D :D :D


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