CG 4 (Waco) Glider

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Elliott, Sep 11, 2008.

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    A big thank you, Eric! My uncle landed in France in one of these and I've been meaning to do a model of one!
  3. Erik J

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    Thanks. Post a message if you run into problems I should fix.

    The US glider landing is oddly one of the least documented parts of D-Day despite the extreme importance it made. Gliders were so detested by the paratrooper higher command that no glider pilot or soldier got decorations for what they did! Germans considered their paratroopers and glider troops as the same group.

    Next upload, when I fix a glitch in the docs, is the DFS-230 also in 1:72. My first design of it for a contest a few years back got hijacked by an A-hole overseas and is offered for sale on the web. What a world, eh?
    - Erik
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    Good looking kit, thanks. Looking forward to the DFS-230 as well.
  5. cjwalas

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    I haven't gotten to this one yet, but my father has and he says he's run into a problem with the fit of the rear stabilizers?? Not sure what it is, but he says they don't fit at all?? I took a quick look and I think he may be right, unless we're misinterpreting something.
    Can you take a look?
    PS. I was wrong about my uncle landing in France in one of these. My father was the one who landed in France and my uncle landed in the Netherlands at Eindhoven.
  6. Erik J

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    I see I need to clarify the H-stab in the instructions. 1. Fold 4b over at leading edge, and fold the back edge (on gray-OD border) down. Fold the glue tab down and glue.
    3. Glue the tip together. 4. Insert 4e into fuselage (open to the front) and slide 4b onto it. Check fit and note where 4e will glue in 4b. 5. Remove and glue 4e in 4b. 6. Fold elevator 4c round at the leading edge and glue the trailing edge together. 7. Glue 4c to 4b. 8. Slide 4e into fuselage and glue. 9. Fold and glue 4b & 4d and glue onto 4e. - Erik
  7. cjwalas

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    Thanks Erik! This should clarify the issue. I look forward to building this one myself.

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