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    The California Northern Railroad - CFNR is gearing up to handle an outbound load from Napa Pipe. Currently CFNR has leased three SD40-2's from UP to assist in the move from Napa, California to the UP connection at Suisun/Fairfield on the Martinez sub.

    I have no idea when the load will be moved, but one of the crewmembers I was talking to stated it would be soon.

    For those unfamiliar with Napa Pipe loads, if you have ever seen them but did not their origin, there trademark turquoise
    blue/green pipe is distinct and makes them easy to spot.
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    In the spring and early summer of 1992 the McCloud River was handling 15 cars a day of pipe into Burney, CA for use in a Pacific Gas & Electric natural gas pipeline running between Canada and the Bay Area. I have a page on my McCloud Rails webpage that features several photos of McCloud pipe trains...

    I believe that these are Napa pipes.

    JD Moore
    Elko, NV

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