Ceramic blades?

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by tjbmurph, Oct 20, 2012.

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    Though I have not seen this one, ceramic blades tend to be very sharp and the edge does not dull. Since ceramic is brittle, the thin edge tends to break, so you have to be extremely careful with it. Consider a ceramic blade to be disposable and very sharp up to the point that the edge breaks. The fragility of the edge and the inability to resharpen it is the big reason ceramic blades have not caught on. I like my ceramic kitchen knives, but my good steel knives will last the rest of my life.

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    Thank you Ken, I appreciate the information. It makes me think that a tool like this would be good for tiny precise cuts, while using the steel blades for everything else.
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    I have ceramic screwdrivers for high voltage work, but never trusted bu blades because of their brittle nature. Just a bit too much force, and "crunch". :)
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    Good point Zathros. I'm tempted to try it out of curiosity. Must remember to use a light touch if I do...
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    I have something similar (edit - the same, actually), but there is a big problem (regarding precision cuts) - the tip of the blade is so short and covered with the plastic part of the tip, that it is hard to see where exactly are you cutting. Another problem would be that the tips are very brittle and no spares are available. It is a pity, because otherwise the cutter is very smooth and fits nicely into hand and all... It should accept steel blades and I would not give it out of hand :)
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    You can get replacement blades that are ceramic and they will fit most hobby knives...
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    @ Wojtee and scyeige, more food for thought!
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    That's interesting, I wonder if their available in the U.S., that's a legitimate question these days! :)

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