Central Manitoba Railway. *Not Dial up Friendly*

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  1. Well as per usual. Sunday morning usually starts with Coffee and Trains. Today was an instresting day, The little one and myself stopped to get a shot of a mixed CN Frieght heading east into Portage Jct.

    This train to be exact.

    But while we were waiting for the east bound, we heard a low rumble coming from behind us. And to my amazement it was CEMR 4000 & 4001 Heading west. Now i have only been trying to chase this train for about 5 years, And today i Finally had the chance. So here is a photo essay of CEMR from Portage Jct. to Carmen, Manitoba, Canada.

    We start out about a mile west of Portage Jct. standing behind the local Esso Station.


    Once this train went by we had to wait for the previously mentioned Eastbound CN so we could get across the tracks and try to beat the CEMR train to the first stop outside the city.

    First stop is Oak Bluff Manitoba.

    From here you loose the tracks for a few miles but can still see the train as it heads for Sanford Manitoba.Next is the train arriving in Sanford

    CEMR 4000 & 4001 depart Sanford heading west for Brunkild. Now we didnt get a shot in brunkild as my co pilot needed a potty break and we missed it. So we headed down the highway to the town of Sparling MB.

    A shot of the approach to Sparling.

    Rounding the bend into Sparling
    Heading into town.

    Next town in our travels is Homewood.

    Slowly coasting through town.

    The next town along the line is Carmen Manitoba. This is were this line's yard is along with some industries. The line extends 10 miles or so past town too a few industries. Now here is where this little photo session gets intresting. We beat the train to Carmen by 20 minutes or so. And let me know if you see what changed between Homewood and Carmen.
    Yup you arn't seeing things, seems to have misplaced an engine somewhere in the last 10 miles.

    Oh wait there it is.

    Is it coming or going?

    Well it was going after all. The line runs right down the street into one of the 2 yards. There is 2 seprate yards serving diffrent industries. But we did figure out why the engines where changed. Once they shove into town the lead unit pulls off, And the trailing unit shoves the cars into there industries. Then pulls the loaded ones out to the yard.

    Here is the train waiting for the lead locomotive to uncouple so it may push into the industry.

    And this final shot is at the west end of Carmen Manitoba as the trailing unit pushes the cars past the lead loco that is now set on a yard track.
    This is where the day ended as the helper i had decided it was time to go home. This trip took 4 hours and covered a whole 50 miles of track. Hope you enjoyed! Next trip planned it the CEMR Pine Falls division. Lots more trees and more intresting industries. Including some large Paper Mills.

    Thanks for Reading
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Devin: Thanks for the introduction to a railway I wasn't really aware of. I managed to trace your route on the map; southwest from Winnipeg.
  3. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Wow - thanks for the great photo's. Nothing like a train against the prairie sky! :thumb:

  4. beamish

    beamish HO & Steam Engineer

    That brings back some memories of traveling that route to see relatives. Nice photos. looks like you had for a great day.
  5. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    Great Pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.:dance:
  6. Biased turkey

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    It's really flat isn't ! ( even more that the eastern part of my home country ( Belgium ) named " Le plat pays " ( the flat land ).
    It's very interesting to see pics of CEMR trains that ( and the grain elevators )I'll never have the opportunity to see here around Montréal.
    Nice pictures, thanks for posting them.
    I particularly like pic # 8 where the train is far away.
  7. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    Thanks for the great photo's. The landscape looks a lot like my wife's part of the country south of the border. She's from central North Dakota.
  8. manitouguy

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    Great read !

    Just joined the forum and found this thread very interesting (i grew up in southern manitoba and drove that route many times).

    per the comment about how 'flat' the landscape is - yes this area of manitoba is in fact actually one of the flattest places on the planet - was once a pre-historic sea bed, and nearby Morden MB has a small museum with local dinosaur fossils of primarily...sea monsters! - prehistoric seabed also main factor for such excellent farmland

    at any rate thanks for the great post - very entertaining

  9. RobertInOntario

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    Excellent pics !! and really interesting info as well. Rob
  10. LocoIndy76

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    Awesome pics!!! Very cool!:mrgreen: Thanks for the information to go along with it!!!! :thumb:
  11. wickman

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    Really great pics and I also appreciated the great skied especially seeing as I'm working on my back drop at the present time . :wave:
  12. MP3CNLettalierSub

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    I can never manage to get any shots of the CEMR GP9s, seen them many a time, but never had a camera at the time.
  13. my mistake i didn't realize that i had moved these pictures on the server. Should all be there again.sign1
  14. Grain Baron

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    CEMR in Manitoba

    CEMR services a number of industries along the former CN branchline. Grain, fertilizer, miscellaneous on the small branch. They do 104 hopper car unit trains at a high throughput grain elevator just southwest of Brunkild, Manitoba. It is on a former siding called Mollard Siding.

    CEMR also used to run a branchline north of Winnipeg to Pine Falls, Manitoba, but I think they have since discontinued the service. The primary rail user was Manitoba Hydro previously coal fired generating station in East Selkirk, Manitoba. The generating station was converted to Natural Gas some time back.

    CEMR is part of the Cando Contracting Limited business, and they also operate shortlines in AB, and Ontario under various names. They are a rail service company based in Brandon Manitoba.

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