Caution: Hot Rodding Paper Airplanes IS Addictive!

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    I started on Fiddlersgreen models back in 2002. By Nov of 2002 I had a jet powered paper airplane flying!

    The Jet power is from a compressed air bladder. The PDF is a free download from the building forum on my SR71 blackbird.

    As you can see from these photos I'm very, very far gone!! Yes, I have the heat problems figured out on the Tigerjet Pulsejet engine! It is the structural problems of 150-215 mph tornado winds that will be tearing at the card stock! That has been filling my notebook with ideas ever since the pulsejet got here!

    The F104 (small) uses Rapier Jet engines. Real similar too estes rocket engines except, they burn real slow and for 20-seconds (L3 Engine pictured).

    The GWS EDF75-4a are in my RC SR71 Blackbird model. The prototype weighed in at 38 ounces. It uses 2 each- Lipo 2400 mAh 12.3v 16c, castle creations esc25.

    The latex rubber tube powers the other models. I have tested several different sized tubing ranging from tiny and not worth the effort 1/16" ID thru 1" ID tubing. I use some very powerful stuff to power the models pictured.

    The F104 in the middle weighs 11-ounces ready for flight. It has 11.8-ounce of thrust! Hand thrown it should go vertical for about 4-seconds! Beta builder is almost ready to fly it!

    The "Plastic" YF22 RC Prototype is made from synthetic paper. It failed in several areas due to design problems. Yupo was kind enough to send me samples of their very fine products. Notice how it shines? Very tough and durable, moisture does not effect at all! Designed for use when writing under Ocean water. Not coated paper but real synthetic!

    Which brings up some things I've done that might be helpful to other builders/designers.

    Presently I have the following card stock weights 90#, 110# index-Springhill, Springhill Tag 125#, 150#, 175#, 200#. I just bought over 500-sheets of 24" x 36" Springhill Tag 125#!

    I've tested card stock in the 110 index weight range. I cut blanks from some swatch books, all the same size. Very carefully so I didn't score the blanks in any way, I labeled them. I also put a line faintly across each end, 1" from the end.

    The next step I used a Dillion Digital reloading scale to weigh the blanks (accurate 0.01 gm). I then seperated the blanks into different weight groups. All of the 110 index fell within .01gm of each other.

    Clamping the blank to a board at one end exactly at the 1" mark. The other end was looking like a "diving" board. At the far end of the diving board was the 1" marked line. On this line I very gently placed staples (the kind used to hold paper together). Once the card stock dropped the staples I weighed them and then did each blank in the 110# range-which included Springhill Tag 125# and 74 c Yupo synthetic. After the first round I did two more for an average.

    The winner hands down was the Springhill Tag #125. A close 0.23 gm 2nd place was Springhill Index 110#. The bottom was Wausau 110 Index. The Springhill was over 3-gms (both) while the Wausau was 0.98 gms load max! Several other brands were tested but, I use Springhill!

    Sorry, for the long post. For anybody thinking about starting one of these, just remember the title-You've seen the results of the symptoms! They'll eventually take over your living space!!

    To support my habit, I'll soon be selling models that compete directly with balsa, tissue, and foam! I have over 240-sq feet of 1mm depron as well as 20+ sheets of 0.5mm depron. The card stock is easier to work with, and is more durable!

    Best regards,
    Mike Bauer

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    F104 Freebie USA Markings Only

    Anybody interested in a half size F104 28.6" Long. Half size from the 1 to 1 brute that Bigtom is building!

    Not to Scale but it flys great! Replacable nosecones just need reprinted! Bladders size on sheet 1. Just a scaled down little brother to the Big one pictured with all of the other models!

    Warning: These bladders even in the small size pack quite a wallop if they explode from over filling! Like the manufacturuer said, "hard to predict what tree sap will do". So wear heavy leather gloves when filling these bladders.

    Best regards,
    Mike Bauer

    BTW-I plan to eventually offer these with different countries markings. If you have a favorite picture of a particular unit I might be able to transfer to these models. This will allow others to order the country of choice. I have some Canadian Marking photos, but would like many more from all over.

    The F104 is one of my all time favorite fighters! Right up there with the A12 Interceptor!

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    How about a new version of the most beautiful airplane that ever flew! Larger download versions, up to 40" long will soon be available on eBay!

    Replaceable nosecones now part of design. Fuselage Tailcone is now tapered more like the real one.

    Hope you have fun. Please let me know if you have any problems!

    Best regards,
    Mike Bauer

    **New Edit**
    New Sr71 Photo clearly shows replaceable Nosecone and the new type of rear fuselage. More like a real Blackbird. I have a short video of this model flying. It does a 180 deg turn and then nose first into an embankmentabout 40ft from where it was launched.
    Soon as I replace the nose, I'll take before and after photos, it'll be ready for more flying! 11.1-oz flying weight with a 11 oz thrust for 2-seconds. It leaves in a hurry! As long as there is thrust, it will fly ok in winds. A soon as the thrust stops the wind will turn them 180 deg real quick!

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    THIS IS FUN!!!!!

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