CASTEL DEL MONTE, a rocky model.

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  1. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    PC work is almost done!
    Here is the main entrance gate:

    The real

    main gate.png
    and mine...

    Screenshot 2016-02-29 15.17.11.png
    with gate details.

    I realize only now, with some disappointment, that the proportions of the whole wall is not correct. Perhaps it's due to the thickness of brick layers (the two areas on the sides will be occupied by the towers) the fact is that the wall is more slim of the real one and the gate, to fit in, has to be stretched in vertical direction (see above images).
    Anyway I cannot redesign all the main structure of the castle. I don't have the 3D skills needed to perform this task. Really is wall thickness to be greatly out of scale, correcting this would be a very complex task. So I'll limit myself to operate in the 2D field and redraw the sigle faces without altering the 3D model. I think (and I hope) that the difference, once completed, won't be so much evident.

    And so...
    Screenshot 2016-02-28 19.43.38.png Screenshot 2016-02-29 07.39.44.png Screenshot 2016-02-29 07.43.51.png
    here are 6 of the 8 outer walls ready for the bricks. Please note, on the last wall, I placed the rear gate that was completely ignored by model designers.

    Now I start thinking about making windows masters...
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  2. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Looks great! Z, you live in some beautiful country. I also live down off a dead-end road. I just wish it was farther from civilization, or more hidden.
  3. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Tonino, so glad to see you back at this. Knowing the quality of your work, it looks like we are in for a treat!! ;)
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  4. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    Time to start building something here...

    I'll begin with the inner court windows. As there are 3 of them, all identical, I'll realize a master and, then, some resin copies from it.

    The real window is this (just to recall).
    I'll proceed as for a cardmodel, dividing the shape in layers...
    parti finestra dentro.jpg
    Here are the cardboard pieces with a plastic stick to realize the little columns

    DSC07668.JPG DSC07669.JPG
    The window complete.

    DSC07670.JPG DSC07671.JPG DSC07672.JPG
    And after a coat of grey primer to seal all the layers.
    Now I'm ready to take a cast from my master.
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  5. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Great explanation. I feel like I just got a great doctor's visit and his prognosis was GREAT!! Your explanation of what you are doing, the thought process is wonderful. Thank you for your thoroughness. I hope that you can finish this and that Jerk Administrator doesn't steer you away from it, though a scaled down Balilla in front of it would give it scale, for visually grasping the immensity of the project you have undertaken, of this fascinating structure. :)
  6. cylongirl

    cylongirl Galactica lives in Germany

  7. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    Nice idea you had... why not?

    Meanwhile let's go on with the walls, no, the windows first...

    Here is my silicon cast after 24h of hardening time....
    The little master lays inside.

    Some scalpel touches...

    ...and the cast is ready for the resin.

    Resin hardens faster, around 1 hour is enough to take out the piece...

    ...and here is my first window clone!
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  8. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    These casting techniques (including the remote control) are excellent. We truly can make so much with our own hands. This will be a superb castle!!
  9. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    Slowly, one step at a time, the build goes on...

    Now is the turn of the inner court south gate.

    This is the original.

    I divided the volume in layers as for the window and traced all the parts in CorelDraw
    portone sud dentro.jpg

    The pieces already cut in cardboard of various thickness

    A little sanding on the edge to simulate the rounded border

    and, for the fret, a fast look in the "remains box".
    An old missile launcher is very good for the purpose.

    and this is the completed "sandwich"
    DSC07681.JPG DSC07682.JPG DSC07683.JPG

    With a little coat of spray filler I obtained that rugged look that is perfect to simulate the stone.
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  11. cylongirl

    cylongirl Galactica lives in Germany

  12. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    This is really going to be quite magnificent!! :)
  13. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    The last of the inner gates is on the NW wall.

    The original:
    portale interno NO.jpg

    Like for the last one I took the photo and traced the outline of the shapes trying to imagine how layers are to be placed one after the other.

    This is the result:
    portone NOdentro.jpg
    And the resulting pieces
    once assembled they look fine:

    DSC07689.JPG DSC07692.JPG
    Note the little column on the left side only: the other one is missing in the real gate (see photo above)

    And after the grey primer the gate have its "rocky" look:
    DSC07693.JPG DSC07695.JPG DSC07697.JPG

    Now that gates and windows are done (at least for the inner walls) I must take the bricks out of the box: the hard work is going to start ;)
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  14. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Glad to see you're still at this. Looking good!
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  15. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I can see this taking a very long time, and well worth it!!. It will last generations!! ;)
  16. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    I definitely hope that I will be the one finishing it!
    Hopefully this century... :)
  17. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    I really like the texture that come up in the resin. that is awesome
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  18. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Thanks Kjev! :)
  19. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Tonino, you are truly working at a level of excellence that I envy, in a good way, I admire your work so much. The words fail me. You are an artist with people, and with objects. You see the magnificent beauty which makes you an inspiration. ;)
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  20. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    Thanks guys, you're too kind!
    Now, I'm afraid, this project will suffer a slight delay... caused by ... let's say ... "Shuttle Fever"? But I'll be soon back to it, I'll promise. :yesyes:
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