Cash Mine (Blair Line)

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by tillsbury, Apr 27, 2005.

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    Just out of interest, I started this structure kit yesterday (as I haven't done any structures for ages and I was getting sick of rolling stock). It's a lot better kit than I thought it was going to be -- just about at the level of the Bar Mills stuff, but without the details. The parts fit extremely well, and the design is quite clever. There's a lot to it, and room for a lot of kitbashing too.

    If I were being picky, I'd point out: some of the walls leave visible tab-and-slot joins which need careful filling to hide, the Grandt line windows are shown with glazing set back from the windows (not immediately behind the windows), and the roofing material is a bit iffy, but otherwise it's good value. Here's a (terrible) shot of part-way-through:

    I've replaced the (lower) chunky wooden corrugated iron roofing (which was 10 scale inches thick!) with separate sheets of N-gineering corrugated iron on .010 styrene sheet, and applied the (upper) roofing material in a sequence that wouldn't let as much water in! The instructions, although clear, show a build sequence a long way from how I'd build the model, but each to his own, I suppose... There's only initial weathering on the lower roof -- I intend a whole lot more once we're further along! The upper roof is not fixed yet as I'm about to start wiring for lights...

    As you can see from the two rail openings (which are on 3.3125" centres), this is quite a big old box...

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    I guess this is a good example of kit bashing in that you are making it better than the original kit. Nice work Charles and am looking forward to seeing your progress with this structure.

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