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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Dragos, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Dragos

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    I do not know if it all ready posted but here it is a goog russian site that offers free a tank Renault FT-17, 2 cars , a good Mig-15 and other stuff.

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  2. Texman

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    Yup, and if memory serves, you cannot get all of the model. About every third page, is a price list disguised as a "". They are for sale, not free, just so you know before you download from a slow server.

  3. Dragos

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    some are free...

    Some of them are free. I've downloded the FT-17, the 2 VAZ, the Aston Martin, the Lacia and the Mig-17 for free. Also the buldozer and the Alfa submarine do not have the "".So try once more and good luck.:twisted: :twisted:
  4. Texman

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    Good deal Dragos. Thanks for letting others know. I know the Ka-50 is
    one of the not completely free.

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  6. Amazyah

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    A translation from Alta Vista ( I trust more than Google) is this...
    "Developments of the paper models"

    I don't think these are illegal scans, they look original to me.


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