Carrera versus Scalextric?

Discussion in 'Slot Cars General' started by jembe, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. jembe

    jembe New Member

    What is better to get a carrera track or a Scalextric? Which one will last longer or is better value for money?
  2. sargentaaron2004

    sargentaaron2004 New Member

    I have a scalextric and i have had it for about 7 years now, works fine, bit dusty tho.
  3. dummy

    dummy New Member

    We have both: our Scalextric set is almost 40 years old and still doing fine.

    The Carrera set we bought for our son: excellent value for money, and so we don´t really care that much if something gets broken.

    Conclusion: the Scalextric track and cars are probably better quality but very expensive and replacing parts/cars is pricey as well.

    Carrera track and cars are not as sturdy (but still strong enough to survive treatment from a enthusiastic 7 year old), but very good value for money, so if something does brake down it doesn´t hurt so much.........
  4. liltime118

    liltime118 New Member

    scalextric all the way
  5. steve the pirate

    steve the pirate New Member

    my calextric is 5years old and i used it that much that i worn out the braids but they are very cheap to replace.using them that much proves u shud get scalextric.
  6. esog_enaug

    esog_enaug New Member

    Have you test the NINCO track? It´s the best for me. I have 2 tracks, one of scx tracks and another of ninco tracks. The difference is amazing: with ninco I have never voltage drop, it can be digitaliced, etc

    Sorry for my english.

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