Carpal tunnel and modeling

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by Zhara, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Zhara

    Zhara New Member

    I've recently had to curb my enthusiasm about paper modeling because of a nagging case of carpal tunnel. Wouldn't you know, the one thing that I really enjoy and do to relieve stress agravates the problem.
  2. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    There are ways around it; check out different knife styles, ect. There are several ergonomic designs out there.
  3. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    I concur with ekuth. I have RSI (carpal tunnel) and went through a number of knives before finding one that works really well for me. A wrist rest like some computer users have has also helped. Slowing up a little when modeling and varying tasks (cut a little, dry fit a little, edge color a little, cut a little, etc) can also help. Don't give up!
  4. Zhara

    Zhara New Member

    Thanks for the advice and reassurance. I think it's just a matter of taking things cool for a while. :thumb: Thanks again.
  5. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Yup, take breaks. I have carpal as well and you have to know when to stop. :mrgreen:
  6. Griffworks

    Griffworks Plastic and Resin Modeler

    I've got the same problem, mostly owing to the fact that the majority of my job has me typing on a keyboard all thru the day. There are some simple exercises and tips for both posture and how you hold tools that help alleviate some of the problem. Ergonomic keyboards, tools and hand bands help, tho I can't use the bands when modeling.

  7. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    How ya' doin' Zhara? Still paper modeling? Have you tried any of the suggestions or have you found something else that's worked for you? Haven't heard from you in a while and just wondered.
  8. firebat

    firebat New Member

    animense todo en este mundo se puede superar
  9. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

  10. GluedFingers

    GluedFingers New Member

    Spanish to English translation:

    Keep heart, everything in this world can be overcome

  11. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Thanks! Unfortunately I'm a monoglot and online translators don't always get the translations right.
  12. GluedFingers

    GluedFingers New Member

    You're welcome. But to be fair, I googled it to find out what the basic language was then looked for an online translator. :mrgreen:

    You know it must be pretty decently right if you get three of four results that are quite close.

    And to think that this 'skill' I picked up when clawing my way through Polish translation sites. sign1
  13. Him Himself

    Him Himself New Member

    I'd suggest one of those wrist support mousepads with the mousepad cut off :p
  14. Leeadamaa

    Leeadamaa New Member

    Gaming Does that too

    Gaming, Modeling and pretty much alot of things will give that too

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