Caricature mecha

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  1. 5 piece, 1 page model

    ARMORMAN Guest

    cute! (though I never could understand that design in the Gundam universe).

    Nice Job!
  3. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member


    Masamune you are gifted.
    Cool mech : )
  4. I get to gagging when trying to swallow "MSM-04G Juagg" (elephant crustacean?).
    The "MSM-07 Z'Gok" is one of the "more feasible" amphibious Gundam mecha, but still needs an overhaul. Probably what fans desire about Z'Gok is Char Aznable piloted one.
    Most amphibious Gundam mecha tend toward this bizarre mutant sea-life design concept, looking like they were created by cold-war Soviet engineers :roll: .

    This quarter, "Design Challenge #2" is five parts or less.
    "RX-78 GP02", "XXXG-00 Custom", and my father's Impala are the next choices I'm looking at, or maybe something actually interesting. All of them caricature/chibi/SD because of expediency with no worry about exactitude :oops: .
  5. seawolf

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    guys, can I download this model? tks
  6. No. :lol:
    The designer has not brought it to a satisfactory level for release yet.

    Here's three other mecha:

  7. Another phat little bugger.
  8. seawolf

    seawolf Member

    too bad, a white (unpainted) model would be nice :D
  9. Being too bad is reason enough to not release the kit. [​IMG]
  10. widget

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    NOOOOO!!!!!!. :shock: Don't listen to him! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release them!

    please? :oops:
  11. seawolf

    seawolf Member

    okay okay OKAAYY :) it's not bad it's nooot bad :)
    or should I say, Too good :)
  12. Ignoring the thread for a few days and come back to find myself reviewed as an extortionist.
    I'm just being lazy about it. It is at the bottom of design rotation now. There are three other heads and a dozen color schemes to re-check, as well as the fastpack and strikepack units. Maybe, somehow reading from poor photos those placards appearing on various models and toys to add to my kit.
    Anyway, the entertaining part is done so it will probably rest for indefinite amounts of time before the tedious completion and several variants are released.

    To be malicious I very well could release it unpainted. :p
  13. seawolf

    seawolf Member

    thanks for the (unreleased) unpainted version and will thank you again for the painted version :) hehe

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