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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cygielski, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. cygielski

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    CardPlane's new free PWS-50 has a new free model - a Polish PWS-50. The little 1930 Challenge contestant is designed with beginners in mind -- it's very simple, but if Lech's designs up to date are anything to go by, will make an effective model. Instructions are all graphics, so no linguistic problems, either. BTW, check out Lech's other models, too. Recently he's been going for little-known designs, most of them pre-war Polish prototypes.

    PS. He promises a simple Bf-109 next.
  2. Kaz

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    thanks for the heads up, but I'm still building the RWD25.... maybe it'll be my next one
  3. Alcides

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    Thanks. Very nice.

    My only problem with the commercials cardplane is they are only printed.

    I love the PZL P-8/I but to order a printed kit from overseas is very unsecure here in Argentina.

    I've 2 suscriptions to USA magazines. A lot of times I've got the magazines in bad condition. I can red the magazines but a cardmodel kit gets destroyed.

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  5. 72BMWR75/5

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    Very cool. This beginner is looking forward to trying it.
  6. Alcides

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    About downloable kits

    Thank you for the effort to write this sites for me. I wrote this in a hurry and I think I made some mistake because English isn't my native language.

    I know the free models in cardplane are from download. My complaint was about the commercial projects. They are only printed kits. I'm a bit afraid to order by mail from overseas. I live in Argentina, South America. We are in the end of the world, here ;) I have some bad experiencies ordering magazines from USA for example. I've got the magazines folded or broken. If this happens to a carmodel, well I can say: Goodbye cardmodel

    But, As you wrote, a lot of sites has very good kits for download. I'm drooling about your Me-329 for example. Maybe in a couple of weeks when I get my international credit card I going to buy from your site.

    Thanks again for the effort.
  7. charliec

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    Since I also live at the end of the world in Australia perhaps I can make a couple of comments. I haven't had too many problems with mangled models since most
    of the vendors are aware of the possible problems and really make an effort with their packaging to get the model to you in good condition.

    If I was to single out one vendor for praise in their packaging it would be SPI ( - their post pack looks like it's virtually indestructible by even the worst postal system.



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