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    For those who love numbers as much as I, this is an interesting bit of information. In January, there were about 930 people visiting on an average day. So far this month about 1,700 people are visiting each day. It's been a fairly steady pattern of growth, with 29,033 total people who visited in January, 30,865 in February, 35,425 in March, 38,449 in April, 42,868 in May, and 13,590 so far this month. The bulk of the growth is coming from increased exposure in the search engines, in January less than 5% of the traffic to came through the search engines, now it's above 15%. I'm sure that the majority of the people coming from the search engines are first time visitors, and for a lot of those this will be their first exposure to paper modeling. Let's hope we make a good impression. :)
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  3. Mace

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    That's great news!!
  4. Gil

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    Good News!


    That's rewarding news. Should we all start watching "Pinky and the Brain" episodes to polish our World Domination skills?

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    Gil, where do you think I've been these past few months? :)
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    Shall we all write a review on amazon?

    I've been watching the alexa stats :) i can't figure out the rankings. Is the 250,000ish most popular site on the web?
    You have to be a popular site just to get listed.

    One question i'd like to ask, and this probably isn't the best thread to start a discussion, are people who are into 'paper modelling' put off by the cardmodels title of the forum?
    Maybe an amazon review could address any perceived difference between paper and card by welcoming 'paper modellers'?

  7. rickstef

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    card-paper, paper-card

    what is the dif,

    one is thinner than the other, the other thicker than the other


    same type of arguement

  8. Gil

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    Maybe we're after quality not quantity. Our advertisers are interested in reaching those who buy cardmodels even though they're sometimes listed under "papermodels" on Ebay.

    I think Rick has it right, it's just semantics that will not affect the fate of the universe.

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    I do all my models on paper and really consider myself to be a paper modeler. Even though I found this site ages ago I never thought to look into it too deeply because of cardmodels in the title. Just my two cents. Just for the record, I don't consider myself to be of lesser quality just because I think of myself as a paper modeler and not a card modeler :p

    I think his point is to try and hit a wider range of people searching the internet based on keywords. Its a proven fact that keywords in the site url is a defintely plus towards keyword searches. If your keywords in your url are more often found in your subject matter then it will be found better on search engines. How often does paper vs. card appear on this site? (I really have no idea just food for thought)

    My personal suggestion would be to purchase a second domain name of and have it point to the same forum. It most certainly would not hurt (may end up not helping much either - you never know for sure) but for the cost of a domain name for a year nowadays, it may be worth the chance. Of course this would only be considered if you like the idea originally suggested. Addressing the initial suggestion it a great idea if for nothing else to get amazon to link to here..... Search engine relevancy is greatly influenced not just by having links on other sites but by the amount of traffic the other site has in general. Even more so if the site has content relevant to the linked site. (did that make sense? I am quite tired....) I better go to bed before I sound like a rambling fool!
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    I think PMI might take our hijacking of a bit unkindly. I'm not all that convinced the name makes much difference. A google for paper models will have enough mentions of card models that even the most dense should get a clue that paper models and card models may just be the same thing.
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    You are absolutely right Rick...

    Before I got ivolved in building models... I didn't even know that "card stock" or "index stock" or "cover stock" .... existed....
    20 lb paper or corregated's all PAPER!!

    Glue enough pieces of paper together and I guess you will get a card!

    But, for some reason.... when I am trying to tell a "newby" about building these models.... "card model" sounds better than "paper model"...
    Apperently "paper model" still has the conotation of "paper dolls"!!!!

    BTW.... Thanks again to the guys that run this site!!! You do a GREAT job!!
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    Firstly, congratulations to the admins for keeping this outstanding site alive and really should take a much deserved bow for all your time and hard efforts we often don't see that make this webpage possible. I am sure I am but one of a good many folk that enjoy this site's existance on a daily basis, and the figures you have posted prove the importance of this web site to a large community of modelers.

    Whether it's paper or card, frankly it probably doesn't make a difference actually because this site comes up on most if not all web searchs for "paper model" as well as card model. Tomato/Tomatoe. :grin: You built the site and they have come, and will continue to come.

    One other thing I've noticed, most of the major sites, and many of the smaller ones, dealing with paper/card models have a link to this web page, so anyone even casually looking for sites on this topic will invariably find their way to our pages, all are welcome. I've noticed the increased traffic here as well over the last few months so whatever you all are doing it's working in getting the word out about our hobby...and that is outstanding. Have you also noticed how diverse the topics have become on this site? I think you have a wonderfully broad band of paper/card models visiting and contributing to this web page, perhaps more so than ever before. This has to translate into becoming a more popular hobby than a few years ago and I can't help but think the existance of this site has played a role in that development.

    Kudos to the admins! Our family is growing by the month, as is the hobby in general. The flourishing and expansion of available on-line merchants dealing with our hobby is amazing, the core base of modelers and products is expanding quite noticeably, and that can only translate into a healthy trend for us all. The enjoyment we all get from modeling in this media is undeniable and infectious and the assets available to newbies are constantly increasing, of which I believe this site plays a significant role. Keep up the brilliant work!

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    I agree the site is great and it is being run wonderfully. I just don't like the fact that an idea is dismissed out of hand. Its not like he was asking for an ovrehaul, just an enhancement to bring more traffic and you can never have too much publicity.

    In any case, I am going to drop it seeing as how the majority of people that have posted think its not worthwhile.

    Back to the paper! errrrr.... I mean card, no I mean paper, ugh :wink:
  14. dinsour

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    Paper is nothing more than thin CARD STOCK LOL

    73 Ron
  15. keith

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    Hot potato.....i mean potatoe....i mean..... :D

    semantics -
    google search for paper model -this site ranks #16
    google search for paper models - I can't find ????????
    google search for card model - site ranks #19
    google search for card models - site ranks #2 hooray :)

    i know there isn't a difference between paper and card, but when i began i thought there was. I was simply asking if you thought others might think the same. BTW Yes i'm dense.

    Write an amazon review?

    keith - gone to find a plastic bottle.
  16. paper warrior

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    we are paper modelers and cardmodelers,it makes no difference.All in all I think is huge advancement in paper/card modeling.This site is spreading like wildfire,and furthermore,the visionary of this site is a freaking genius.

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