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Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by Thomas Pleiner, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Good evening gentlemen,

    my two new kits are printed and already on their way to the
    US. They soon will be available from your preferred mail-order dealer.

    Its a "Z"-scale bavarian train station and the church Saint Wolfgang
    in Landshut/Bavaria.

    For both kits I made "upgrade"-kits available made from lasercut
    If you are interested in the lasercut-topic please check out
    the two threads on the german forum. . .

    Thanks for your interes
    and best regards
    Thomas Pleiner
  2. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    That's stunning! Laser cut may have a very interesting future in card modeling....,

    Warmest regards, Gil
  3. Hi all,

    please find enclosed a picture of the newly produced
    lasercut-add-on made from 0.45mm wood, showing
    the wooden exterior of the small Z-scale bavarian
    railroad station . . .

    Best regards
    Thomas Pleiner
  4. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    Laser-cut framework for vintage aircraft models?

    Thomas, could I sort of inspire you, or some other ingenious entrepreneur, to think about this technique for making very detailed, cut-away models of vintage aircraft in mixed technique (paper & thin laser cut wood or card)?

    For one thing, I envisage framework models without covering. As an inspiration, please see the image below of a full-size Chech replica of the SG-38 training glider.


    You'll find more photos here. For any serious taker, I have saved a copy of some pretty detailed reference drawings, including full measures and dimensions, of all parts of the original aircraft (published by a German model aircraft magazine in the 70s as I remember).

    Or you could think about cutaway sections of covering, in order to be able to see the interior framework. Like this Alcock & Brown Vickers Vimy in the London Science Museum:


    Best, Leif
  5. Hello to Sweden and to all of you,

    indeed we already think about a model-concept
    showing a vintage aircraft in hybrid-technique (card+wood)
    It's not yet decided which aircraft we will take . . .
    This will mostly depend on the records available
    and the pupolarity of the plane.

    A few planes are very well documentated, f.e. the
    Sopwith Camel F.2; Fokker DR.1; S.E.5A; Albatros, etc. etc.

    There's lot of investigation and tresting required before a model
    concept like this will go "life" . . .
    As a sort of preparation we are already working on the realization
    of a model showing a vintage harbour-crane, consisting of
    heavy cardboard and wood . . .

    Best regards
  6. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    Great news, Thomas

    Some input: Please consider a civilan aircraft - for once. I am as fascinated by WWI aircrafts as anyone, but at a certain point one just sort of desperately longs for modeling something not meant to kill another human being... (and guys, please, this is not meant to start a big debate; just an input like any other; you know I build military aircraft).

    There's a classic which ought to be well received in all quarters: The Spirit of St. Louis. Please note the ongoing efforts by others, see e.g. this thread. Any chance of you guys joining forces?

    Also, there are the military surplus aircraft that turned into a driving force for civilan flying. I'm thinking of the Curtiss JN4 Jenny. If you would consider that one, I have for reference some very detailed drawings (for an RC plane, but made from original Smithsonian Institute drawings). All wood & cloth, ideal for your technique.

    And, lastly, the archetype of civilan flying, the Piper J3 Cub. There's not a decent paper model of this aircraft to be found, as far as I know, and it would make a beautiful subject for a partially covered paper-wood model, even if the interior fuselage structure was tubular steel, much like the Spirit of St. Louis; it would be a challenge to represent that correctly. Wing spars were laminated wood in early J3s, and ribs pressed aluminium, if I remember correctly; calls for mixed techniques indeed!

  7. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    I believe there's quite a few issues to contend with regarding how a decision is derived in selecting a subject. First, above all others, it must sell. The object is to stay in business and this supports that. Two it must follow an established and expected pattern of the offering company, something about product pride and level of workmanship. Third the media mix of the model are rather exotic compared to the average market expectations so a wider lattitude of choice is available within an expected scope. Simply put it means that Thomas has got to be careful to keep his reputation intact! I, for one, don't envy the choice he must make. That being said I hope that he'll share whatever decision he makes with us.

    Thomas, who are your distributors in the U.S.? I need to build the N station to demonstrate and maybe even sell a few to a bunch of jaded model train enthusiasts (Ok, so I want to rub a few noses in it, but that's another matter).

    Leif, you just gave me a great idea for making aluminum ribs for the J-3. Thanks! An old project awaits rejuvenation. The fuselage design was completed some time ago for a 1:16 scale bare bones model of the Cub.
  8. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    Hey, hullo, Gil - what am I doing burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how to create a proper J3 1/16 fuselage framework!!!???

    I am immediately shelving this project. It wasn't going anywhere much anyway. Will look forward to your efforts, with no end of pleasure.

    I'll get started (well, at least sort of hesitantly scraping the ground with my feet) on another one instead, where the necessary documentation material is much better. Now don't tell me you have the JN4-D2 Jenny stashed away in some unfinished form too...


    PS. Here's a GREAT site for exterior and interior shots of the yellow civilan J3 Cub
  9. Gil,

    my distributors in the US + Canada are:

    H+B Precision Card Models / Pete Heesch
    Paper Models International / Lou Dausse
    Lighthouse Model Art / Ralf Schnurbusch

    all three have banners on the intro-page
    of the forum.

    Have a nice weekend
    Thomas Pleiner
  10. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Don't shelve the project just yet..., I'm having problems finding the file in the archives. That was two system upgrades ago...,

    The aluminum rib idea has stuck. It has other applications as well and it's low cost and within range of most modelers.

  11. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Couldn't find any of your offering on any of these vendors..., or at least I'm not searching for the right thing. Tried Pleiner Modelle and just Pleiner alone with no results.

    Have a good weekend too, it's 76 degrees Fahrenheit here and the sky is California Blue...,


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