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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Ron, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Kugelfang

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    I tried Inkscape about a year ago and was not too impressed. Though they have certainly grown quite a bit since then. I have about 6 levels of dependencies I need to upgrade before I can try the newest release. Yes... sometimes Linux = dependency hell!

    Sodipodi ( seems to be the most mature of the 'pure' linux SVG editors right now. It has some quirks (like not being able to print, 'save as' doesn't let you choose a directory, sometimes you have to deselect and reselect an object in order to continue working with it, etc), but it is usable. It is easier to get used to than The Gimp. In short, it's usable but not polished (as in shiny, not from Poland ;-)).

    Both Sketsa ( and GLIPS Graffiti ( take advantage of the Apache Organization's Batik Java program. Both of them suffered 'out of memory' errors after using them for a short time, though this may be because of my Java install, not the programs themselves. Neither of them have all the features that Sodipodi does, but both seem to be a bit more polished in what they do have.

    Open Office also has a vector drawing program but it's not a well adopted format. My favorite Linxu word processor Scribus ( also has some vector abilities and it exports to SVG. Though I've not explored it very far.

    So far that's what I've found regarding vector drawing programs for Linux.

  2. Ron

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    It's just too bad that Corel's Draw for linux went the way of the dodo. I think they left off at version 9 but hey, that would be great :)

    I wonder what the copyright status for that piece of software is these days? Not even a mention on the Corel site that I can find

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    Hmmmm. I think I'll stick with win98se and coreldraw 11 just now! I have just got the hang of banging the table with my fist to get it going if it freezes on me.... Never show it you are frightened! Like a Doberman, software can smell FEAR!!

    Tim P
  4. Maurice

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    If I dissappear in a puff of smoke or summat as a result of following this thread, I shall sue.

  5. Ron

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    (as Maurice vanishes with his pc in a puff of smoke and blinding light :p )
  6. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    Don't wish it on me.
    I already have the side off the case so I can hand crank the fan on the CPU at start up.

    The teaching profession does attempt to forewarn about that possibility.
  7. barry

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    Don't do it Maurice I would miss your caustic wit !!!

  8. Maurice

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    I'm not kidding. That IS my current start up procedure. Once flicked it runs perfectly and indefinitely. However perhaps I ought to get it seen to.


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