Cardmodel of "Anlasswagen" 1/33 of german airforce WWII

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  1. A brand new member's cardmodel for free download
    Anlasswagen 1/33 German Airforce 1933-1945
    by Swen Papenbrock is available on Kartonmodell-Forum.

    (To take advantage of the downloads offered, your
    registration to the forum with firstname and lastname
    is required)

    We like to introduce the latest design by Swen Papenbrock, a german WWII
    Anlasswagen in 1/33 scale.

    "Anlasswagen" were common devices of ground-equipment on airfields to
    support engine start-up of famous aircraft like Me-262 or Ar-234.

    The model which is made available for all forum members is without color -
    but you may print off the sheet on field-green colored cardboard
    (0.2 mm appr. thicknesss). A full colored version will be made
    available later this year.

    To download 2 PDF-files use the apropriate download-box in the left column of the forums portal.

    The enclosed pictures may give an impression of the devices use on airfields.
    You may also check out this website (in englisch)

    Enjoy! On behalf of the Kartonmodell-Forum team,

    Thomas Pleiner

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    you will need to use your first and last name not a nickname

    let me know where else you might get stuck

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    Kartonmodell Site

    Hello Thomas and Rick,

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    I went back and tried again. Put in my name and a password. I ignored everything else. It seemed to work.
    Good luck.

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