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    Oh dear - someone didn't do their research very well. The standard armament fit for a Bren carrier was a Boyes anti-tank rifle in the front compartment and a Bren on a pedestal mount behind the driver. It would really awkward to put a Bren in the front compartment since the Bren needed frequent barrel changes if you were firing it for extended periods - the barrel locking pin would be inaccessible if it was in the front of the carrier.

    Also noticed the engine/transmission compartment is too skinny on this model - it actually was wider than the radiator - which is modelled appropriately.


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    Oh heck!

    Well I wish I could find some appropriate drawings. So far there are some side and front views ... nothing really good enough though.
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    I thought the Boyes anti-tank rifles disappeared quite early on in the war, replaced by the PIAT. Carriers carried all sorts of things, mortars, flamethrowers, Vickers Machine Guns, and were converted to carry anti tank guns, as well as serve as tractors for 6 pdrs, etc.

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    The thing is the carrier as standard was outfitted non-standard with everything from a command radio unit to a flame thrower. There was no standard for armament.

    -Boys Antitank rifles
    -Flame throwers
    -Bren MG's


    I had no idea that there were so many chassis though. =O
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    I agree the carrier did appear with many different equipment fits but the original carrier armament fit was the Boyes and Bren.

    There was a standard for armament fits - it depended on the establishment definition of the unit operating the carrier. The British army was quite rigid in
    it's administrative definitions of unit equipment - probably more so than the

    Certainly for a modeller there are a large no. of choices of armament fit - like:

    - flamethrower tanks, pressurizing air bottles and projector as in the Wasp.
    - Panzerschrek and panzerfaust in the panzerjager Bren
    - 3in mortar - stored disassembled
    - Vickers machine gun in front position and Bren on the pedestal mount (the Australian carriers were equipped with this fit).

    The Piat probably wasn't a weapon of choice on the Carrier because of it's limited range. I'd guess the British used the carrier as a transport for tank killing teams who dismounted to use the Piats.


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    I've also seen pics with US Brownings on them, .30 and Ma Duece!
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    Oops, didn't see Charlie's post. Delete this.

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