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  1. Joepomp

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    I started work on the hopper. pictures to follow shortly.
  2. philip

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    Double Gulp................:thumb:
  3. Joepomp

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    Shakey start

    Here is the first pic. I don't like the way I cut the strips with the rivits. The rivits came out nice, but cutting the strips square was a problem. I may re-due them. I also added thin carboard ribs on to of the strips with the rivits, but the thin strips twisted and bent so I removed them. I may change to some plastic parts :(

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  4. CharlesH.

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    I love this stuff! I just finished scratchbuilding a garage and yesterday I started with a 3 story house, only that there's a problem... what do you suggest for windows and doors? I know they're available from Grandt Line but the closest hobby shop is a 5 hour drive away.
  5. shaygetz

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    Some folks use waxed white thread. Others use white paint and a drafting pen. Robin (Mathyro) runs off copies from his graphics program.
  6. belg

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    I have used mesh spackle tape to represent windows and added an applied frame out of strip wood.

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