Cardboard Wizard Strikes Again!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by TrainClown, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. TrainClown

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    :rolleyes: Greetings Everyone! Yes it is true! I am a circus clown. And a train nut. Last Christmas my dad gave me his collection of HO scale circus wagons he never got around to building, and since his hands ain't what they use to be (he's 83 now) he sent them to me to build. That got me going. I found my model building skills to be rusty so I decided to build some buildings from scratch to hone my technique. So far each one is better than the last. My latest is a grain elevator. I love to build with card stock and gleefully collect all cereal boxes, Minute Rice boxes, cracker boxes and one of the best, cigarette tube boxes, and add them to my stock pile. Great to have a selection of thicknesses to choose from depending on needs.

    I also picked up a toy saw one day at Value Village for six bucks. It needed fixing but works fine now and I can cut balsa wood into 1/32" square stock, or any size I like. Great for details and window frames.

    So now I am planning my layout. It will be 4' x 6.5' and fold up over the back porch stairs (inside of course) and my wife says I can get going on it as soon as her kitchen counters, bathroom counters, closets, baseboards... is that everything??... are complete. Anyway, it will all be done :confused: it will. I'm working on it now.

    Anyway, keep building and smiling, and I'll more than likely see on Scratchin' & Bashin' ;)
  2. Woodie

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    G'day TrainCLown, and welcome to our little home away from home. :)

    Keep us informed of your progress, and I wanna see a pic of the HO sized Bearded Lady. :):):):eek:
  3. jon-monon

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    Welcome aboard TC! How about some piccy's of the cardboard empire?
  4. interurban

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    Welcome Trainclown,
    Glad you made it to a great forum, lookforward to your post`s.;)
  5. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I would like to add my welcome to you too TrainClown. At one time I was in the RCAF and based at Moosejaw. Later I lived in Saskatoon for a number of years. Where are you located?
    This comes from another cardboard scratchbuilder so am looking forward to your posts
  6. TrainClown

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    Thank you all for the welcome.

    Woodie: I saw your plan for your new layout. I am really impressed! Go! Woodie! Go! Can't wait to see the next step.

    jon-monon: I sure would like to upload some pickys but I don't have a camera that would do close ups. I plan to get one soon. Either that, or I will get a video capture card for my puter. My video camera takes real good clear close ups. Soon I hope to upload some of the plans I made so others can build them too.

    Matthyro: I live in Regina. I did my clown stuff at the Saskatchewan Air Show at 15 Wing in Moose Jaw a couple of years ago. For the job, I made a small biplane that concealed my compressor (I use the compressed air to blow up animal balloons) and I had the only biplane at the air show. The Loose Goose is made from cardboard too.

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  7. Drew1125

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    Welcome aboard, Trainclown!
    Look forward to hearing more about your layout, & seeing some pictures, too! :)

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