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  1. trainbud

    trainbud New Member

    Is anyone doing anything in the tradition of Frank Ellison?
    Ellison was a master in the techniques of 'make-do' buildings in the 30's, 40's and 50's. His were never the focal point of his layout; the trains were. He used cardboard and 'apple box' wood, hand-painted some limestone blocks on a couple of stations, and inked his own window mullions to create an overall modeling effect that is still copied today.
  2. CharlesH.

    CharlesH. Member

    I do. I always use cardboard, clear acetate as well as other "around the house" kind of things and I'm currently struggling with inking the windows.
  3. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member

    I believe the Master of Cardboard/Cereal Board construction goes by the user name of... of... of... o ya

    Matthyro real name is Robin. Yup he would be the man to talk to.
  4. trainbud

    trainbud New Member

    Yeah, I saw Robin's work recently on this site with his N scale coaling tower.
    His work IS impressive... I was actually hoping he'd join my little group (hint) ;-)


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