Card models in the summer?

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  1. Is there any problem with building card models in the summertime? So far everything i've built has been in winter, when the air in my place is dry. It can get fairly humid here in summer (humidity up to 70% or so, usually 50% or less however) and i was wondering if building paper models in humid weather would cause problems either at the time or later on?

    Just planning ahead for the year... :)
  2. shrike

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    I've found that my only problem is in times of transitional humidity. when it goes from dry to wet you may get a little warpage, but once the humidity stabilizes everything returns to shape
  3. rickstef

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    here in the armpit of the country, The Mid Atlantic, I haven't really had any problems with humidity while building, some of the uncut sheets warp, but nothing the AC can't fix.

  4. xyberz

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    Just put your models into a display case with some desiccant. It's a moisture remover and will remove almost if not all moisture in the air, depending on how much you use. It won't take very much to make sure your models stay humid free everyday and it's pretty cheap.

    You can find it in hardware stores.
  5. hpept

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    Tee only problem I've found, living in a sub-tropical location with relative humidity close to 90% sometimes, is me sweating like a pig when building models :grin::grin::grin:.
    Models themselves don't seem to be affected by atmospheric water vapor.
  6. Good to hear. Thanks for the replies everyone...

  7. jasco

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    I have had 4 or 5 models hanging from the ceiling of an unheated cabin in west-central Wisconsin for almost 10 years and aside from some fading from the sun, I've noticed no adverse effects. Of course, they weren't that perfect to begin with....:)
  8. 46rob

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    Paper is a pretty forgiving medium....whereas the wrong choice of adhesive can ruin your model's longevity. I do most of my building in the summer--as it's too hot and muggy to do much else. My models transition from season to season with no noticeable changes, other than some fading.
  9. xyberz

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    Shouldn't spraying on a clear coat stop the fading of the model? Don't have to necessarily need to use a high shine clear coat, matte should work as well.
  10. Renaud

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    paper variations

    Living in North France, where the weather is not too cold, no too hot, and with the see next to us, I took a few years ago a 450 mm x 450 mm cardboard, 0,5 mm thick and noticed it was not exactly a square, six month later, in the winter. The card rested on the ground in the third floor in my house, the hottest in summer, and the coldest in winter, compared to the others floors. The difference was about 2-3 mm from one side to another, and I don't remember which side was shorter. Since that time, I am careful about the way I cut pieces from white cardboard, and pay attention to the its orientation. To check it, you may plunge a sheet of paper in the water, and the paper rolls itself, giving you the orientation. Of course, you cannot do that with thick cardboard.
  11. jasco

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    I think the clear coat would only help the fading if it had UV inhibitors in it. Red is notorious for fading fast regardless of what you do. Just build blue models.:-D

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