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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by hpept, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Hello my friends,
    I´m very proud to inform you that the last week, a special report about modelism was on air during the daily news on Rede Globo-TV Gazeta de Alagoas.
    I was interviewed during a meeting of a plastic modelers group (GPAL - Grupo Plastimodelismo de Alagoas, which i would like to thank) and I introduced to the brasilian audience an almost unknown form of modelism: Card Models.
    Here is a short extract from the TV report in which some of my models are shown (some of you will probably recognize them). For non portuguese speaking people (I don´t consider myself one of those :grin::grin::grin: ), during the interview I'm telling how I came to the Card Modeling world, which was initially because I was curious and then, here in Brasil, because it was not (and it is not) easy to find plastic models. Then I briefly describe the model of the B 747 SCA and what it is for in the real world.
    Unfortunately they managed to misspell my surname ( which is FALORNI and not VALORNI) although I spelled twice to the interviewer, but that's life :grin:
    Enjoy the clip:

  2. rlwhitt

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    This is very cool Roberto! Congrats!

  3. Amazyah

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    Wooo Hooo!
    One of our own makes it to the limelight!
    Congrats Roberto! You deserve it!

  4. Gil

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    Nice of them to give you a stage name...,

  5. milenio3

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    Grazie, Roberto!!

    Very nice shots of the interview!! And at least for me Spanish speaking guy, very understandable on your comments!!

    Can you upload more of it?

    Nice to meet you, by the way.
  6. Ashrunner

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    Outstanding hpept!!!

    What a great way to spread the revolution 8v)
  7. hpept

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    Thank you, I think with alot of imagination you could understand what I tried to say :grin:. I'll try to upload the entire report (more or less 4 minutes) on Youtube, but I warn that the rest is about plastic modeling and railroad modeling (which I also practice, so it's among my interests).
    Now I'm a celebrity here in town 8) (lots of people already stopped me by telling that they saw me on TV) and if I managed to make only one new adept of Card Modeling, I can say that my appearance was worth something (other than inflating my ego :twisted::grin:)
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    For those interested in saving a copy of this video go to
    But you must use Mozilla's Firefox browser. The downloader plug-in only works with Firefox. Plus you will need an .flv file player. But there is a link to the Free FLVPlayer.

    Watch the tutorial to save the video.

    yes I did
  10. hpept

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    Thank you Dan, I'm honored that this video worthed all the work to convert it. Anyway, this is something I usually do with various clips from Youtube.
    For those interested in doing the same, here's how I do:
    1) As Dan said, need Firefox and the plugin to be able to capture the video
    2) After installing the plugin, play your favorite video. At the lower left corner of the Firefox windows appears a little icon vaguely resempbling two distorted eyes. Click there and the video will be downloaded on your computer.
    The file is in .flv format, which is a special form of flash movie.
    3) Download and install DrDivX at
    4) Run DrDivX and import the flv. file
    5) Edit your preferred settings about video size, quality, etc.
    6) Encode the file and... Voilá!

    Hope someone understood something at least...:grin::grin::grin:

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