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    the War Wheel from Black Hawk. Chip or Dewayne ?
  2. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    For something old skool, I'd like to see a really nice model of the Liberator from Blakes 7. I'd like to build that for my Dad who's a fan.

    For myself I'd love to have a large scale 36" Sulaco from Aliens. Or a similar sized super detailed Battlestar Galactica(new series).

    There are alot more but I'll restrain myself.
  3. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    I would like Dan Dares Anastasia, any WW2 British Submarine a 1/24 Hawker Typhoon and a Stormtroopers Blaster from Star Wars And I second the Blake 7s Liberator Oh a Alvis Salamander Crash Tender and the Seaview from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
  4. modelperry

    modelperry Member

    My automotive wishes:

    1966 Chevy Impala SS
    1970 Chevy C10 Pickup
    1980 Pontiac Sunbird coupe
    1991 Saturn sedan
    2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

    My Truck wishes:

    Any American Style Truck (Kenworth, Western Star, Freightliner, etc.)

    My Construction wishes:

    JLG H or HA series boom lift
    JLG RT series scissors lift
    JLG, Gradall, Sky Trak or Lull Telescopic Forklift Truck (actually a guy at work is trying to build one of these)
    anything CAT or Grove
  5. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

  6. 2001 spaceships

    2001 A Space Odessey

    Aries-1 shuttle
    Moon shuttle from moons monolith site

    Space 1999

    Scout eagle
    Eagle 1
    Lab Eagle
    Long Range/deep probe Eagle-rocket pack


    1-32 Mark II and VII Colonial Vipers with cockpits new and old series
    colonial shuttle
    Motorcycles from Galactica 1980 series

    I would really love to see these done by a some the capable designers out there.
  7. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    what a good listing!

    oh the only thing you forgot was the landing gears for all galactica fighter fleet.

    oh, have you seen the stealthstar?
  8. Shin

    No I haven't seen the landing. I wonldn't know where to look at this point, any hints my friend? I found an old file with the awesome eagle transport on it. I will be a great build, the most complex attempt yet.

  9. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    jay's box o sci fi has most of the new fleet except the heavy raider and the old vipers. he even has the 'skunk' works colonial blackbird, though a better improved version of the viper(no lines) by paragon on his site:

  10. Downloaded the vipers to include the blackbird ( Laura ), I personnal would love to see Bulldog's stealth viper from "Hero", it's a sleek looking ship.
  11. lancer525

    lancer525 Member


    The SS Norway.

    That would be my dream model wish.


    Hawker Siddeley Trident

    Hawker Siddeley Trident airliner is just begging to be modeled
  13. THE DC

    THE DC Member

    Seaqueast DSV

    What about some ships from the Seaquest series? Unusual angles and streamlining!

    Off the top o' me head:

    A Sea Truck/transport
    Sea Shuttle
    Hyper Reality Probe
    Sea Launch
    Sea Crab
    Sea Speeder

    and of course, the big DSV herself!

    I don't think anyone's done anything from this show? :excited1:

    The DC
  14. lancer525

    lancer525 Member

    I watched SeaQuest religiously, and I don't think I ever saw a clear image of that sub throughout the entire series...

    I would love to see a model of that thing!

    Great suggestion!
  15. sidewinder81777

    sidewinder81777 Midnight Modeler

    A ferengi marauder.
  16. lancer525

    lancer525 Member

    Oooh... Just thought of another one...

    A Lockheed Constellation at 1/32 scale!
  17. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Hmmmmm I kinda like that one!
  18. redwolf28386

    redwolf28386 Member

    How about Skylab, or an old sailing ship like the Bounty?
  19. lancer525

    lancer525 Member

  20. Padre

    Padre Guest

    how about being able to clone myself so that I can work on multiple models at once and a few clones leftover to finish my unfinished models!!

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