car keeps spinnin out!!!!

Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by darkendlight88, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. i got a nitro tc3 that i run on the track, and it spins out on every turn. i tried to turn the steering sensitivity down but in order for it to not spin out i hav to turn it down so much that the car lacks turnin. what can i do to stop it from spinning out. my setup is yellow in the front and purple in the back
  2. wolfcalibur

    wolfcalibur New Member

    do u have foam tires on it? if not foam tires help alot, try using them.
  3. scott555

    scott555 Member

    foam tire will help the most, but the car has to much orer steer so it is turing to much, witch will throw the rear of the car everywere. go to the link at the botom and look at the Things that will increase Understeer. make ajustments acording to that. i had the same probles with most of my cars.
  4. yea i got foams and i got everything on that site...i dont no what else to do
  5. redheat

    redheat Member

    Either use some death grip from Trinity or WD40, and switch to MIP 4in1 clutch shoes. Have you tried slicks yet , and what shore are you using . I'm using 27 shore the weather is cooler so I need a softer tire. RED
  6. Try not to go so fast in the turn maybe then you wont' spin out, maybe it is the driver not the car
  7. ummmm no this isnt my only car,all my other ones handle nicely this one just spins out
  8. redheat

    redheat Member

    Tires , Tires, RED
  9. sliks dont work at my track and im using 27,29. ive never heard of using wd40
  10. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    wd40 will soften up the tires which will help it grip
  11. vette_7t9

    vette_7t9 Member

    brake drag?
  12. nitrohonda

    nitrohonda Guest

    dude i have tc3 with stock springs and foam tires and it handles fine.But with the stock tires it turnes into a driftcar but once you learn how to tame it tis all good!
  13. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    ya you really gotta know your car! On my electric 4tec all the tires are bald, 1 of the back rims are cracked in 3 places and im the only 1 who can drive it. I let my friend drive it and he hit a snowbank and my other friend when into a puddle with it lmao!

    BTW Welcome to the Board nitrohonda!
  14. rcosmax

    rcosmax Member

    some positve adjustments that can help to decrease oversteer are:
    less rear camber.
    narrower rear track width
    less rear droop
    higher rear role center

    some negative adjustments are
    wider front track width
    more front camber
    more front droop
    lower front role center

    and tyres for the right track.

    i dont know much about the tc3 but camber adjustments are a good start

    hope that can help a bit
  15. mtxjohn

    mtxjohn New Member

    I see you guys are giving some great technical info, but does he understand the BASIC reason why the car is spinning out? When I was brand new to ovals, I had a 10L pan car that spun out on the corners..I would have to slow wayyy down or even apply the brake!! With some help from local experts..we solved the you guys said..too much oversteer/not enough understeer..IE that all you need to do is get LESS traction on your front tires into the that when you "slide" out around the corners, your tires slide equally ..and not just the rears. So you need MORE traction in the rear, or LESS tracion in the front. Less traction in front is easy..get HARDER TIRES. Thats all I had to do. Hope this helps.
  16. RC King

    RC King Member

    to be honest, i think you need to learn how to drive it better to increase your has alot more to do with the performance of the depends on the drivers` skill very much.
  17. RC King

    RC King Member

    as a tip.set your rear springs for higher tension.that will give you more traction
  18. digdug72

    digdug72 Member

    this sounds all good, and I'm not new to this hobby, but Ijust picked up my first tc3 rtr, and when I nail it it takes off in all directions, I wonder if anyone tried those new tc3 tires.
  19. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    If I am thinking correctly my Uncle bought some new tires for his tc3 (electric) and they were not to bad.
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