Car Carrier - Lonestar kit (Not assembled no longer available vehicle)

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  1. Here is a sample of a car carrier I'm working on. I wanted to wait till I was done to post but since there was a discussion on this before I figured I would post it now. I've got a lot to do to the truck before it is done but so far I'm happy with the way it is looking. I no next time I'll not paint the rack part that the cars drive on. I think this is my entire car collection on the truck. I really need to get more non-truck vehicles. :D



    A close-up of the detail hydraulics I'm adding now.

    Here is the cab only. I don't have the inside or detail parts like fuel tank on yet.

    The tractor is an Athearn dump truck that I had to extend the frame on as well as the drive train for the rear carrier to fit.


    A shot before painting

    I would like to hear comments.

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    Very nice Dave. That's the best looking car carrier I have seen yet! The colors look nice too. The hydraulics add a nice touch. A Company name on the truck door would look good.:twisted:
  3. Last time i looked the etching was still available from truck Stop Models.

    FWIW I read on some of the 1-87 truck forums that someone is to re-introduce the old Walthers kit.
  4. Badyin,
    I didn't see it listed, just looked. Do you have a link?
  5. Wayne Crews wrote in Bigrigtrucks87
    That's all i have; but I trust the source.
  6. That sounds like great news about the Walthers Auto carriers. I hope someone post info about it when they see it for sale. If I do I'll be sure to let all know.
  7. Another source fora number of transporter kits

    There are a number of closed and open alternatives. They require parts from a Herpa transporter (at least for the open ones) also an alternative cab. The Promotex Commander looks about the best choice, but even this is a bit high. I haven't looked at doing it with a conventional cab yet. Top picture is an auto transporter, bottom is for trucks.


    BTW this is the guy who produced the Lonestar. He also seems to be working on a Silverado[​IMG]

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    Fine work!

    This is fine work, Well away from my normal area of interest, but it really shows off the vehicles being transported, and is a complex scene on wheels, that will help establish the reality of the model world where ever it is parked.

    It really helps to have stuff that is as well or better detailed than the trains to expand the reality zone away from the rails.

    Bill Nelson

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