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  1. Has anybody an idea, where to get any captain future papermodels?
    I`ve searched almost anywhere. My Son is as fond of the comet and the cosmoliner as I am, but I can`t afford to buy one of those high price toys at ebay.

    THEREFORE: Help me please
  2. fruiz

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    I found long ago a 3D model of the ship's captain future, remembered the ship comet, but not what I have worked to convert it to Papercraft, if you like you can send and clear it would have to convert.


    Lima - Perú​
  3. theo

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    There are here and there still a few 3d models some better than the other.
    But still no paper one just google "Future Comet Cyberlab".

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1] Alex Dumas has a plan to make one, wen I see his plan it is going to be a good one.[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Martin Becker has a d3 model and wen you down load it you have textures.

    Thats how far I got.......
  4. loenf

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    some time ago i found this french page:

    here you can also download the papermodel of the "Comet"


  5. theo

    theo Member

    Now that looks like a good model, thanks Loenf!

    I was roaming my computer and found the The Comet.dwg" I started some time ago.
    Perhaps I give it a go!

    This is the one
    I have some images but they are poor ones.
    If some one have some good ones please let me know.
  6. theo

    theo Member

    And I thought that I was right with my 100 meter long Comet.
    I found out the first sphere is 60 meter and the on the end is 35 meter.
    And the whole thing is 200 meters long.
    Have a look over here.

    I'll guess I've to start over again!
  7. Hi, out there everybody,

    actualy, I just have to say - wow and thanks to all of you folks. After palcing my thread, I didn`t expact such fast and so many replies, therefore I think, I do owe you to tell you something about me - if not, just stop reading, so it won`t hurt.

    I live in Germany and I am 40 years old. I am married and I have a son which is 5 years old. Before he was vorn I was building plastic model kits, mainly SF-Models and warships in scale 1/700, but since he was born, my hobby room is occupied by him (which is not as bad as it may sound).
    So because of the bad smell of the plastic-glue and the paint, I was forced to either abandon my hobby or go to the sublevels (cellar) which is to cold and uncomfortable to make a great hobby room.
    Some years passed, and I tried the revell kits without gluing, but someday, I was totally fond of the starship serenity. I searched almost everywhere to get a model, but I didn`t suceed. So after googeling over the fanpage of Summer Glau, I found, that there was a papermodel of the serenity and I started to learn about a complete new Universe of building.............

    In my oppinion, the following starships are the best ever designed:

    Comet of Captain Future
    The star destroyers of star wars
    new galactica series
    eagle of space 1999

    and some more.

    My other hobby is reading, actually I am a great fan of the Honor Harrington series.

    Unfortunately I do have no talent in computers or graphics, so that I am not able to make a papermodel myself, but I have another queation:
    Is the making of a modelkit as easy as they tell on the pepakura website? Or do I need to be a graphic?

    Last but not least, let me also give my thanks to the guy who placed the super star destroyer to the download-section, another dream is comming true. I try to put it together at the moment and it looks damn great. For Christmas I am planing to take on the Comet of the french website of capitaine flam.

    Greeting to you all and .....just in case.....a happy christmas to you all!!!!!
    I think, you will hear from me moreoften.....

  8. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Welcome Jorg! Looking forward to your builds. Please include pictures - we love pictures :mrgreen:.
  9. pictures

    :mrgreen: of course I will, just wait until my wife has helped me to integrate some pictures, ok?
  10. theo

    theo Member

    I have bin do some drawing last days, wen I think of it I'll guess I have drawed him about 3 times now!
    So what do you think, it looks like the Comet.
    If there are comments, please let me know before I start to make the paperlayouts.

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