Can't find my darn snowshovel...,

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Gil, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Hi All,

    It was over 74 degrees Fahrenheit today, humidity perfect..., this is getting monotonous. As they say in San Diego, "Another Perfect Day in Paradise".

    All humor aside it does appear that Europe and the Eastern part of North America is getting an unusual amount of snow. Don't laugh but some of the local forecasters are calling for snow in the Bay Area! Ok so it doesn't ever stay on the ground at near sea level but it is novel. Nothing gets done when this happens as everyone is too busy standing at a window watching the stuff fall out of the sky.

    So those of you who are slightly depressed having one long snow day, just remember that Spring ain't that far away.

    Now to look for that snow shovel...,

  2. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    Mmmm... 74F is about 23C. That's around our nightly minimum temperature
    at the moment. Max during the day is 31C (90F).

    Snow - that's the white stuff you see on TV - no personal experience of it.


  3. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Snow shovels

    G´day mate!

    How are things down under in Brisbane?
    I´m a new chum in this forum but it´s great fun talking to members all over the World.
    Here in Sweden we have lots of snow and about -3 degrees (centigrade).
    I just went out with shovel and broom stick to clear the path to our gate.

    Come and visit us some day (and try some skiing) - we have snow in the Stockholm area from December to March but in the mountains of the North it never leaves the high peaks (a smaller version of the Mt Cook region in New Zealand). We have no Koalas and Kangaroos but we do have some Elks, Bears, Lynxes, Musk oxes and Wolves running around here and there.
    Stockholm is a beaut´ in the summer, situated on islands on the inlet of the Baltic - the best time to visit us is May-August when it´s warm and sunny.

    My ol´sheila thinks I´m a dongo spending so much time building paper toys that pile up everywhere but I quite enjoy it myself!

    Greeting from the opposite side of the Globe,
    Bengt Fredén in Stockholm :)
  4. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Snow, I had my fill of snow, in the last two days, I spent 24 hours on snow detail, during the snow storm, and the night after that.

    we are absolutely happy as little schoolgirls that Mom Nature is helping us, get rid of the snow, she dropped in the first place.

    Up were my parents live, about 10 miles from me, they got 15 inches, here in the City, we got 9 to 10 inches.

    3rd storm for me in 4 years.

    Come on Spring!!!!

  5. silverw

    silverw Member

    Hey Guys....

    I'm freezin my A** off here at -25 C. I'd take snow anyday!!!
    I should never have went south... just made it worse!!!
    We had a VERY MILD January... I thought maybe spring was coming!!!... Guess not!!
  6. jasco

    jasco Member

    Two days ago in the Chicago area it was sunny and 55 degrees (F). Tonight they are predicting wind chills of -8. If you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait a minute!
  7. possm_23

    possm_23 Member

    Here in SE Okla we are several inches behind in rainfall...the warmest winter i can recall......the fish ...ducks....beavers and other water lovers are picketing Mother Natuer for more rain.......our entire stae has been in a "burn ban" for several weeks now...which includes outdoor grills.......we would take moisture in any it our way.......
  8. Snow I don't mind so much as long as it isn't up to my kiester. But cold, brrrr. Started a new part time job with a funeral home and believe it gets cold standing out in the wind or rain. Of course wait till summer and its in the 90s and I'm outside in a suit
  9. modelincard

    modelincard Member

    24" in Central Park, NYC! And at least 18" out here.:p
  10. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    I used to like the winter but now that I work construction and have to slog through all the snow and then the mud when it all melts I'm beggining to wonder.

    It's kind of funny all the farmers around here pray for rain and we construction guys pray for it to stay away, apparently the farmers have more faith than us.:cry:
  11. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Try 70F by 11:00 then 33F at 16:00. Talk about your strange weather. And we are hoping for snow this weekend. We need the precip. Charlie you need to go south for the winter at least once. Snow is a wonderful thing.
  12. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Man y'all can keep your snow............ I'll take a 40 degree swing in the temps any day, to just one inch of snow!:roll:

    Wish it wasn't going to rain this weekend I'd like to catch me some fresh fish filets!:grin:


    I may go anyway......... the fish are already wet!:twisted:
  13. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    The only way to get to snow in Australia is go South and then go for altitude - even then the snow only lasts a few months.

    Otherwise it's off to New Zealand or perhaps Tierra del Fuego.

    I think I'm a warm weather animal - emulating cannon ball retainers doesn't appeal.

    To: Bengt Fredén

    "My ol´sheila thinks I´m a drongo" - Where'd ya learn to stalk strian? Although depending on state it might be
    "M'ol'sheila" and "thinks" would probably would be "says" - Ozzies don't admit to thinking much.


  14. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    26 F this morning and the snow is looking a bit sparse here in Anchorage. We had a warming spell with it above freezing so the roads and trails have been getting messy. Snow is good. We want a nice thick layer of it all winter. About 20F is perfect, cold enough to keep the snow, not so cold as to be uncomfortable.

    I suspect that those elk in Sweden are what we call moose. We've got some of those around here. The like to each my trees.

  15. 46rob

    46rob Member

    Weather here has improved considerably.
  16. 46rob

    46rob Member

    The sky is blue today, and there's a warm breeze blowing off the Gulf of Mexico. Took the MGA out for a little top run along some back roads. Fun....thought about snow for a brief moment.....then i just smiled.
  17. Texman

    Texman Guest


    Your an evil, evil man :.)

  18. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Snow and all that stuff

    G´day Charlie!

    Well, I took a one-term course at the University of Stockholm in English, called "World Englishes", so I shouldn´t have missed the r in "drongo", which I did anyway writing too fast...
    This was a very enjoyable course, by the way, where we for example got the opportunity to listen to the famous Australian poet Geoff Page, who lectured on changing attitudes of white Australian poets versus Aboriginal poets and the Aboriginal community as a whole. The phonology part of the course included listening to real speakers performing three pronunciations of the vowels of AustralianEnglish; "General, Broad and Cultivated" (Alec Mitchell´s & Arthur Delbridge´s survey in 1960) using the six "key words": "beat, boot, say, sow, high and how".
    When we listened to this, it became very clear that it´s especially the vowels that are so typical for the "Australian twang" and indeed also the speech of New Zealand (last year we heard a lot of Peter Jackson...) Added to this, we got a few samples of the rich vocabulary of Australia (words like wharfie, smoko, sheila, tucker, billabong, drongo and yacker...)
    So, Charlie, I guess I´d better learn some more vocabulary more before I try to show off with my Aussie talk again...

    The weather situation here? She´s jake - sunny an´lots a´ snaow! I´m usin´the bl-dy broom stick ev´ry day neow!
    Have a good weekend, mate!

    best regards,
    Bengt in Stockholm :)
  19. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Well it's snowing on the peaks around the Bay Area today. Guess who's furnace igniter failed today?

  20. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    The outside thermometer reads 66 F right now, with 30% humidity....but the temp is only because the sensing unit sits in a south-facing window sill and there is a momentary break between the storm clouds. When I went out to let the chickens out of the coop, there was no apparent melting of the snow, so temperature "in the shade" is still down in the 20s. Where the hell is this global warming everyone keeps whining about? BRING IT ON!!!!!!

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