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    Strange - every time I go to Canon Papercraft I seem to find something I hadn't seen before - e.g. Canon 3D Papercraft - Science Museum (actually, it's a link to "circus land" models, or it should be!) There are just two circus models up at the moment. More to come?
    Incidentally, "right-click-save-as" and "file - save as" don't appear to work, but you can get round that like this:
    1. Left click on the Flash presentation to get the appropriate file to load as a PDF in your browser. (If it won't do this, I'm not sure how to make it come up!)
    2. In the Acrobat page, click on "File - Save As" and then LOOK CAREFULLY at the file path that is already displayed. It will have a part of it like "...temporary internet files/content ie5".
    3. Cancel the file save (it won't work) and open C: to navigate to the folder where the temporary file is located. Right click and "copy", navigate to your models folder and right-click-"save"
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    Outstanding Find! I had no trouble just clicking on the buttons to get the models. Also - For those that are interested there are two unique and colorful "relief" models as well that look very good. - with the promise of more to come!

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