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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by allhallowseve, Feb 7, 2007.

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  2. wunwinglow

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    I printed out the A320 and it wiped out a whole black ink cartridge!! Not only is the aircraft half bleack, but every page of the kit AND the instructions has a wacking great black bar down the left side. The data might be free, but this kit COSTS to print out!!

    Be warned.....


    PS apart from this gripe, the kit looks good!
  3. swiftsword

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    Well...I do believe Epson also sells ink, don't they. Looks like they figured out to corner the market...what a racket!


  4. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Making money without you even realising it...
  5. BARX2

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    Don't you guys have color laser printers at work yet? :grin: :twisted: :oops:
  6. Bowdenja

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    AND the PDF is locked so you can not edit the black bar off............. I tried:oops:

    It does make a cool looking model.

  7. SCEtoAux

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    Try using the Graphics Select Tool and draw a box around just the parts, making sure the big black bar is outside of the box. Then just print the selected graphics in the print dialogue.:)
  8. allhallowseve

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    This is why i use ink refills :)
  9. wunwinglow

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    In the end I screen-grabbed the pages, at 200% zoom so each page is a mosaic of 4 panels. Then paintshop pro'ed out all the black. I think I might shorten the fuselage to make a 319, perhaps in EasyJet colours. With this family, you can go from a 321 to a 318, although the tail is taller on the 318, and the emergency escape doors are slightly different, but the wings, cockpit, tail, undercarriage etc are all the same, and with over 900 in service, and another 700 plus on order, there is plenty of scope for the recolourists amongst us!

  10. Maurice

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    Right class. Smarten up, sit up straight and listen. John stop fidgetting at the back there.
    Now I've told you this before - more than once.
    So listen.
    It may be a locked .pdf but it is a .pdf of a paper model.
    So you must be able to print it.
    So print it.
    Use the free trial version of Win2pdf from
    It is the best I have found for this and other design purposes and I use it a lot.
    The resultant .pdf file permits use of the "snapshot" tool and is fully editable in vector (and raster) graphics progs..
    The extra page of the file in the free trial, which adds a tagline, can be ignored.
    You can have an all white airbus if you want.

    Tim, you can take off that conical hat and come out of the corner now.

  11. Bowdenja

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    Maurice................ how did you know I always sit at the back of the class?

    That way my fidgetting never affected the whole class!:roll:

    One more time............... I promise and I'll get it:oops:

  12. Buki

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    Dear colleagues,

    My devis is: Better 10 minutes redundant thinking, than 5 minutes unnecessary working8)

    I would solve the problems with ink such:

    [having ImageMagick and PerlMagick]
    open commandline
    run a perl-code

    (the file contains the following:)

    use Image::Magick;

    my $pdf = "starflyer_e_a4.pdf";
    my @wrk;

    #$image->Read("$pdf\[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18\]");print "done\n";

    print "pitch/elaborate/save page from pdf ";
    my $i;
    print ".";
    my $pdfi = "page$i.pdf";
    my $image = new Image::Magick;
    points=>"48,0 136,594",

  13. Rick Thomson

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    Computer stuff...eyes glazing over...smoke coming out of ears...

    My brain hurts...
  14. Buki

    Buki Member


    Why such a despect against the code in Perl? :cry:
    Trying to elaborate this pdf I have learnt something, which I could reuse in the future; global public have some "howto", which could be useful for somebody (and free of charge, including necessary software)... :)

    I personally have a despect against unnecessary "manual" effort on the PC which is hard or impossible to reproduce :mad: - I prefer real manual effort in my garden and wineyard, hiking on mountains, fishing on creeks,... :roll: or in few hours to dance in a carnival ball till early morning :twisted: .
  15. wunwinglow

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    Maurice, I owe you a pint! Thanks, that worked; almost perfectly. When I opened the resulting pdf in Coreldraw (v11) all the outlines were MASSIVE, but a couple of mouse clicks and they were back to the proper hairline, and the surplus black blobs all ditched. Saved it as a coreldraw file and it looks fine.

    Now to go and buy some EasyJet Orange paint for my coreldraw.....

  16. Rick Thomson

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    I've been outted...

    Hi Buki,

    Just the rant of a computer illiterate old fart... ;-)

    NULLMOON Member

    playing with the printer margins can shift the black block off the printable page mmm black
  18. Leif Oh

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    Another way to get around locked pdfs

    Here's a method for the not-so-computer-literate, and also for all those who work on platsforms where niftly little extra programs aren't always available:

    1. Choose a laser printer driver, even if you eventually are going to print on an inkjet.

    2. Print one page at a time, but "to postscript file". Call the file e.g. "" for the first parts page (which is p. 2 in this case).

    Be carefuly to choose the right alignment ("landscape") and paper size ("A4", and not "A4 small"). In this case you should even use a paper size slightly larger (longer) than A4 - see illustration below, where the top part is slightly clipped, as I found out afterwards. Perhaps "letter" or "legal" would work better; find out...

    Also, go into the special menues and find an option to "print as image". (See illustration 2 below.)

    3. The result is a whopping 48MB .ps-file on your desktop (or wherever your print files end up) - but don't worry, we'll soon fix that.

    4. Now open this .ps-file in Photoshop or similar (which will open .ps-files) at your preferred resolution (e.g. 300 dpi).

    5. The result is an editable file of manageable 2MB size.

    When your'e done "printing" the locked file, you can switch your printer driver back to your ordinary printer.

    I enclose a low resolution (not to scale), cropped and ready, version as illustration and proof of the feasibility of this method.

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