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    I've run into a bit of a snag, in my first attempt to modify a kit. I'm trying to create a "c" wing for a Spitfire. The kits I'm working with have either the "a" or "bowser" wing. Neither of these wings are equipped with cannon, while the "c" is.

    I've tried to design cannon, and modify the wing to accept them, with disappointing results.

    The attached illustration shows what the new parts should look like.

    If anyone has a suggestion, about how to design these parts, I'd appreciate hearing it.
  2. Gil

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    Try sticking a bamboo skewer length into a dremel collet and sanding it to the desired shape. Yes, it's not paper but in reality it's a kind of preprocess kind of paper. Harden the paper in the area where the cannon openings are and use a pilot drill to locate the cannon. Enlarge using either a correct sized drill or use a ream to enlarge to the correct size. Insert sanded skewers glue and paint. A hole can be drilled for the bore but can be fidgety to get centered but look great when painted black (paint the inside of the bore before painting the outside barrel).

    Best regards, Gil
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    Perhaps also extend the skewer back into the wing to a hole in the wing spar. This will give better stability and accuracy of alignment than just being supported by the paper the wing surface is made of.



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