Canadian SD 7/9s??

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by Lighthorseman, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Lighthorseman

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    For my birthday, I received a Lionel SD7/9. At the moment, it's decorated for "Seaboard"' and I'd rather that it wear Canadian colours. Here is the first of two questions...

    1.) Were there ever any SD 7 or 9 models that wore a Canadian paint scheme? I'm fairly sure that neither CN nor CP had any. How about shortlines or something?

    2.) Is it a mortal SIN to repaint a Lionel? Will the "Lionel Purist Police Goon Squad" come over to my place and pummel me for daring to alter even a basic (likely totally non-collectable) unit?

    2a.) Should I ask Jon for some meds?:D
  2. Pete

    Pete Member

    My 1986 edition of Kalmbach's Diesel Loco Rosters shows the SOO as having one SD9 (#2381); maybe it 'wandered' occasionally.
    No other Canadian lines showed any on the list then, although they may have previously owned some as the units were around 30 years old at that time.

  3. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Steve, it's your railroad so unless you are a purist, just paint it the way you want. The only issue is if you ever wanted to sell it then original paint is important.
    Be careful asking Jon anything about meds:rolleyes:
  4. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    It is not a mortal sin to repaint/redetail current Lionel production. It is a venial sin to repaint out of production Lionel units, unless they are pre-1948 models, in which case the LLL (like the KKK, but dressed in blue and white striped hoods) will come after you. :)
    CPR 534 is an SD10 (upgraded SD7) on the surplus list.
  5. Gordon M. Craig

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    foreign locos on Canadian railroads

    One of the things I regularly observed when I was watching trains in Northwestern Ontario a few years ago is that CP often rents (begs, borrows, steals) some extra power when they need it. I was thrilled to see a UP unit, because I love that yellow & gray, but prefer Canadian prototypes. So now I have the prototype, and a CP dash 2 leads a UP SD 45 with a certifiable prototype. The chap talked about the SOO units wandering, and being a CP subsidiary, I can well believe it. Actually, it might be a bit of a stretch, but I could see your Seaboard loco MU'ed with a CP unit (they were really stuck for power!!)

    Gord Craig
    ceo Hidden Valley Lines
    a CN/CP transfer line
    Victoria BC

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