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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by whitegt6, Jun 5, 2004.

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    can someone up in Canada help, my niece has been given a series of 10 coloured prints of old Canadian steam locos ( about 81/2inches x 11 inches ) entitled " Portfolio of Historic Canadian Locomotive prints" by ABITIBI PAPER Co. Ltd as a demonstration of their paper. The problem is that I want to buy them off of her, but want to make sure I'm not cheating her.

    Does anyone out there have any idea if they have any commercial value?

    Many thanks:confused:
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    There you are!
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    Whitegt6, welcome to the Gauge
    I don't know of any commercial value and if Abitibi was doing a demo of their paper there probably wasn't a charge for them. They would consider it as advertising. Now I know some prints like these get sold at railroad shows but they probably aren't worth much. Only valuable to a collector. Has your niece established a price?
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    No she hasn't and thats the problem, neither she or I have any idea of the value.

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    Although the prints were originally a free promotional item, their worth now would be based on availability and desireablity - unless they are new and still available as samples I would consider them collector's items.
    As far as price is concerned, it really comes down to what you're willing to pay and what she's willing to part with them for. I would suggest as a starting point somewhere between $5-10 each. You could perhaps get them for less, but she's family, and you don't want any hard feelings. A good deal is where both parties feel they got a good deal.
    Alternatively, you could contact Abitibi directly and find out if the samples are still availbale.
    phone: (514) 875-2160 website:

    Hope this helps!
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    Christmas is only a few months away! A few hints might help. LOL

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    Ouch, what happened to summer

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