Canadian Association of Railway Modellers?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Mike R, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Mike R

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    See page 10-11 of February 2004 Model Railroader.
    Anyone know more about C.A.R.M.?

    Is this partly a logical and expected result of what essentially amounted to the virtual cancellation of the 2003 Toronto NMRA convention, due to what many felt was an overreaction to S.A.R.S. ?
    Just asking...
  2. Tileguy

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    What i want to know is how you got your copy before i got mine :D
  3. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    I got mine..

    The February issue arrived on December 31...

    Go Figure?!

    Hi Mike,

    Visit CARM (Canadian Association of Railway Modelers) and take a look around...

    I know a couple of members and am thinking about joining myself...

    I'm not sure if this is due to the SARS fallout and the NMRA pulling the plug on the Maple Leaf 2003 Train Show, or if it was in the works before then...

    I've passed your question along and I hope to either get an answer or have them come over to The Gauge to answer your question...

    Either way, more information should be coming in a day or two....
  4. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

  5. Mike R

    Mike R Member

    Tileguy...the Feb. MR got here Dec 29, which is about normal the last couple of years. I don't know if it's because we pay more $ or not...:thumb: :D ...or because our P.O. uses faster dogsleds than Northern Minnesota at this time of year.:cool: :cool:
    ( Nice morning here...we've had about 12" of snow in the 4 hours since 5.30 am, and it's not slowing down.)

    Thanks Ron; I had checked out the C.A.R.M. website, but was looking for a more personal insight from someone...perhaps we'll still see one.
    I can't readily tell if it would be of benefit to me, I've modelled mainly B&O for 40+ years, and it's been a loner-type venture up here in the CNCP "wilderness".

  6. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    A friend of mine was doing B&M in HO and has just changed to doing the Maine two-footers in On2 here in Toronto.

    I Know that two of the founding members are doing Colorado NG. One is doing Sn3 and the other is doing On3. So, even though they are Canadian, they're not doing CNCP.

    If you are looking for dirt... I don't think there is any...

    From what I understand, this was in the works before the Maple Leaf 2003 conference....

    As the organizers were working on the convention, they'd say, "Hey so-and-so's layout should be on the tour...", "Oh, wait, he's not a member of the NMRA".

    Or, "So-and-so would be able to give a great seminar on such-and-such...", "Oh, wait, he's not a member of the NMRA either".

    So exceptions had to be made in order to pull together the convention...

    So I guess there was the question of why we have so many great modelers who are not members of NMRA. And I guess that the non-NMRA participants of the convention were asked why they are not NMRA members, and I guess the answer may have been that the NMRA isn't Canadian or that it is too expensive for Canadians due to the currency exchange, or some other reason.

    So it was decided that perhaps Canadians would be more interested in joining something that is more local and uses the same currency....

    But these are all just guesses...

    You don't need to model Canadian Prototype to join. There are Canadian SIG's for that....

    It is more of a matter of sharing skills and techniques and belonging.

    Perhaps CARM is filling a void that the NMRA isn't...
  7. rsn48

    rsn48 Member

    Some thoughts, I think ultimately an association with the NMRA should be fostered. Ideally when the membership is at a strong level. I personally feel that the NMRA should now be run like the American Automobile Association, where different countries have their own structure, so we have the CAA and British Columbia has the BCCA. I am not suggesting provinincial structures of the new Canadian organization, but that a membership here in the new Canadian org be worth something in the States and vice versa.

    Also this new org should be flogged at LHS's so that members will get the "club" discounts just as NMRA members do.
  8. cobra

    cobra Member

    Living in southern Ontario , I can't really gauge the SARS issue since our area wasn't affected by it , and people getting seriously ill is no laughing matter . But I have , unfortunately , a sneaking suspicion that NMRA is holding a ' gun to our heads ' . Many people feel the NMRA is not worth it . Somehow it's OUR fault that feeling exists .
  9. Mike R

    Mike R Member

    Well Ron, neither of these "Oh wait" scenarios you envision above,sound like they'd come from any NMRA members I ever met...I found virtually ALL the NMRA veterans to be extremely clannish, and totally aware of "who doesn't belong", ........and in my experience, most of them have made it quite apparent, every chance they had....even to neophyte members of their own group.

    BTW, I'm not "looking for dirt", as you put it...I'm trying to ascertain why this new organization has formed just now, as opposed to say 1 or 5 or 10 years ago, when it would have been just as welcomed by many.:confused: truth, one cannot have any organization at all, anywhere, ever, without "dirt"...that goes for politics, religion, business....and playing with trains, too. :D
    best regards,
  10. CN1

    CN1 Active Member

    FAQ on the site says:

    1: Why was the Canadian Association of Railway Modellers formed?

    Putting together Maple Leaf 2003, the National Convention held in Toronto, brought together a number of active and committed modellers. It was clear through discussion that there was a great deal of discomfort with current model railroad associations particularly as it applied to Canadian members. These initial discussions focused on gaining greater Canadian autonomy within the current structures, minimizing administration and politics, and reducing costs. Additionally, as planning for the convention moved forward, it was discovered that the majority of modellers whose layouts would be on display or who would be giving clinics did not belong to the existing model railroad organization. Further enquiries showed a high level of interest in joining an independent Canadian organization. Subsequent to ML2003 these discussions were continued with modellers across Canada and it was determined that the time was right for an independent Canadian organization which focused on Canadian modellers. The Canadian Association of Railway Modellers was formed in St. Catharines, Ontario on October 15, 2003. The Founding Members were John Johnston, David King, Peter Moffett, and Lex A. Parker.

    2: Was CARM formed in response to the NMRA’s handling of events at the Toronto National Convention in 2003?

    The answer to this common question is emphatically NO. There is no question that ML2003 acted as a catalyst to bring people with like ideas together and gave an opportunity for discussion. During the talks which took place in subsequent months it was clear that everyone involved saw CARM as a positive step for modellers and not as a negative reaction to other events. While certain actions during the National Convention received a great deal of Internet chatter, the individuals who were responsible for running it were delighted with the number of people who attended and enjoyed the convention. There remains a great deal of respect for many individuals within NMRA and for what it has accomplished as an organization.

    for more on FAQ, see the webiste at:
  11. CN1

    CN1 Active Member

    BTW :)

    In utopia land I would have access to the following:

    *A Model Railroader look-a-like magazine with 70+ pages
    with 100% Canadian content

    *My LHS would have a selection of 100% accurate
    Canadian rolling stock. Locos and cars with proper
    details or phases.

    *My LHS would have all new releases in proper
    Canadian colors and road names. Not just CN and CP.

    *New model releases would include Canadian
    well know prototypes and obsured ones as well.

    *A large selection of Canadian specific accesories
    would include Canadian buildings, signs, bilboards,
    stations, vehicles...

    *A user friendly, reliable, flexible, high-tech
    DCC system design and made in Canada for
    a reasonable price.

    :D :D :D :D ;) :p
  12. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    I don't give a hoot where my DCC system is made but I sure would love to see the rest of your Utopia come true CN1!

    I think this organization sounds like a great idea. Browsing the list of members it looks like it's off to a flying start.

  13. CN1

    CN1 Active Member

    Val, I mentionned the DCC system made in Canada, because it would simplify availability, maintenance, customer service, software updates and shipping.

    Of course it would have to be made of A-1 quality maple lumber and have a beer fridge as well :D :D
  14. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Oh now I see what you mean. Damn right we need one o' them!!!!

    :D Val
  15. CN1

    CN1 Active Member

    Maybe with a stuffed Moose head too...:D :D
  16. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    A little Utopia with Maple Beer Please...

    How's Canadian Railway Modeler Magazine?

    MMMmmmmmm..... Maple flavoured Beer..... :cool:

    I guess that it comes down to timing... The time is right and things fell into place. The events of the past year acted as a catalyst...
  17. rsn48

    rsn48 Member

    And an order of poutine and another order of french fries with vinegar. For the yanks in the crowd, it isn't malt vinegar, but clear.
  18. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Fries with gravy AND vinegar! Mmmmmmmmmm.

    :thumb: Val
  19. Mike R

    Mike R Member

    Love it ! The Anti-Atkins treat !!!
    Ha Ha Har ....
    ...and a sachet of Poutine worn around the neck wards off annoying nutritionists !!!:cool: :cool:
  20. CN1

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    Beacon, maple syrup, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, poutine, beer, beer, beer, beer

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