Canada's War in Colour

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  1. MasonJar

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    This three-part series about the events leading to, and Canada's participation in WWII is excellent. In addition to being interesting in its own right, it is a great resource for modellers of the 1930s - WWII era, as everything is in colour. A great help beyond the usual B&W photos you usually see from this time period.

    See for info, video clips, and more.

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    Andrew, you're so right about that!!! I've been searching for pictures of the old-style Royal Mail boxes (pre Canada Post) without success for ages, and one of the scenes showed it in glorious colour. I quickly made a sketch of it, with the position of the coat of arms, and the window to the right that had pick-up times.

    One thing I was wondering. Is this actual colour footage, or has it been colourized?

  3. grumbeast

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    This is a tremendous series, its so easy to slip into the mindset that everything was black and white prior to colour TV!!

    All of the footage is original colour 8mm Val, I worked on a project here in Dartmouth preserving and editing some amazing footage from 1942 on colour 8mm. The truly cool thing was that it showed ice cutting on Lake Banook, with huge hand saws, seeing that kind of stuff is really wonderful. Now if only the filmmaker had been a railfan *sigh*

  4. MasonJar

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    Graham - Any chance of a copy or link for the ice cutting info? One of the scenes I have planned for a future module is ice cutting on a lake. Thanks!

    Val - some of the footage looks like it has been coloured, but I understand that that is a factor of 1) the film of the day, and 2) the time that has passed since then - the film is sometimes not too stable.

  5. grumbeast

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    Hi Andrew,

    I'm afraid I don't have the footage, it was a project for the Dartmouth Heritage Museum. I can see if there are some non-copyright still images tho

  6. MasonJar

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    I would appreciate that! Is any of the museum's stuff on-line?


  7. grumbeast

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    Sorry Andrew,

    The project was undertaken to make a CD-ROM, the museum is a small heritage place and the website doesn't have any real content. The webpage is

    They might be able to help you or get the CD for you.. we don't have any of the material here as it was done as a contract.


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